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Updated on: March 6th, 2023

Caribbean Stud OnlineCaribbean stud poker is played with five cards for each player all face down. While the dealer has the same number of cards but with one face up. The main bet is the ante bet. This online poker variant has a house edge of 5.2% which may make some think it’s not worth the risk. However, Caribbean Stud has good payouts and you can use a strategy that will make this game profitable.
We have listed top casinos with a variety of Caribbean stud poker games below.

Best Caribbean Stud Poker Online Casinos

 High Country Casino
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Red Dog Casino
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Vegas Aces Casino
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Comic Play Casino
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Online Caribbean Stud Poker Pay Table

It is important to know the odds and payouts of the various bets since there are no community cards. Especially given the fact that the game has a high house edge of over 5%. The highest hand pays out 100 to 1 however the odds are not that great at 0.0015.

Hand Payout ODDS
Royal Flush 100 to 1 0,0015
Straight Flush 50 to 1 0,0139
4 of a Kind 20 to 1 0,2400
Full House 7 to 1 0,0014
Flush 5 to 1 0,0019
Straight pays 4 to 1 0,0041
3 of a Kind 3 to 1 0,0213
Two Pair 2 to 1 0,0476
One even money 0,5000


Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

There are five basic rules to Caribbean poker.

  • Bets are placed before cards are dealt.
  • Each player gets five cards all hidden.
  • The dealer gets five cards too and only one is exposed.
  • Players must make a decision to play or fold based on the strength of their five cards and the dealer’s exposed card
  • Brave gamblers can make additional bonus bets that run alongside the main game for better returns

Best Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Unlike other poker games where there are additional cards and bets- Caribbean Stud, is very simple. You only have to decide whether you are going to the showdown or whether you will fold. Your strategy, therefore, is informed by the strength of your hand. And also by comparing your hand against the dealer’s hand.

To formulate the best strategy you must have a decent knowledge of hand rankings and odds thereof.

That said, there are two strategy tips that will go a long way in Caribbean Stud.

  1. If you have a hand that contains a pair or better, do not fold.
  2. Fold if your hand is weaker than Ace-King.

Online Casinos that Have Caribbean Stud Poker

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How do You Play Caribbean Stud Poker?

Caribbean Poker has all the makings of a poker. The element of the exposed card and hidden cards. There are however no community cards. It is more similar to 7 card stud poker, which is also played with no shared community cards. There are three easy steps that a game of Caribbean stud poker follows which we have outlined below

Step 1

Place Your Bets

When playing Caribbean stud, you start by placing your bet. The game does not start by handing out cards first. It’s a gamble right off the bat. There is literally no chance to get a feel of your cards.

Step 2

Play or Fold

After the cards are dealt, you have a look at your cards and decide what your next move is. If you decide to continue, you raise by doubling your original bet and if you fold you forfeit your bet and are out of the game

Step 3

Dealer Reveal

After each of the players fold or plays the dealer then reveals his hand. If the dealer’s hand is not a qualifying hand all players still in the game win their ante bets and the raise bet is automatically pushed back.

If the dealer has a qualifying hand then the dealer’s hands are compared to the player’s hand in what is called the showdown. For the dealer’s hand to qualify it has to be at least an ace king-high hand. If the player’s hand is better, they win both the ante and the raise. Payout on the raise depends on how the ranking of the hand. If the dealer’s hand us better the players lose both bets.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud 5+1 Bonus Bet

There are three main bets in Caribbean stud, ante, raise, and a bonus bet.

  1. 5+1 Bonus side Bet – this is a bet which is made as an additional bet on a progressive jackpot run alongside the main game. The side bet makes you eligible for the progressive jackpot which pays out for a royal flush and other high-ranking hands. These high-ranking hands eligible for payouts on the bonus bet are displayed on the paytables.
  2. Ante bet– this is the initial bet made before the cards are even dealt.
  3. Raise – this is a bet which is double the ante. It is made after you get your cards and decide to continue playing

Is Caribbean Stud Poker Worth Playing?

Caribbean Stud poker is a casino version of the traditional 5 card draw poker. The main difference between Caribbean stud and the traditional game is you play against the house, not other players. This makes it a better game to play for gamblers who are new to poker. Since you are essentially playing against just one element- the house, Caribbean stud allows you to focus on just your own poker hand and therefore hopefully do better.

Caribbean Stud FAQs

What casinos have Caribbean Stud Poker?

Top-rated US online poker sites have Caribbean stud poker games and other types of poker games.

Is Caribbean Stud worth playing?

Caribbean Stud is worth playing especially if you enjoy a fast-paced more exciting and volatile version of poker.

How do you win a poker stud?

Poker stud games are all luck and very little strategy. Therefore winning is all based on luck.

Who invented Caribbean Stud?

That is a subject of debate. David Sklansky a pro poker Player has claimed that he invented the game which he called casino pokerin 1982. However, the game was patented by the owner of Excelsior Casino which was known as King International Casino.

What are the odds of getting a royal flush in Caribbean poker?

1 in 649,3  Put simply, you would have to deal at least 649 hands to get a royal flush at least once.

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