usa-texas-holdem-pokerTexas Holdem is the most popular version of the classic poker game. The casino game follows the standard poker process of hole cards and community cards. In Holdem each player starts off with two hole cards which are hidden from the rest of the table. The community cards are dealt out in stages. In total there are five community cards which are used in Texas Holdem.

The main aim of Texas Holdem poker or any poker game is to have the best hand and win the pot. The game of poker  is delicate balance of chance and skill. Although the aim is to have the best hand, some players can be so convincing in their bravado that others with better hands may fold and leave the game. If you understand how to bet and play Texas Holdem then you can play online for real money. The great thing about online Texas holdem is you do not need to have a great poker face to do well.

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Texas Holdem Rules for Betting

There are two compulsory bets in Texas the small blind and the big blind. Each of these are made by the first and second players to the left of the dealer. After that players bet according to the big blind and then according to the last bet raised. There maybe compulsory contributions required to create a pot, these are known as antes. No player may participate without putting down the ante. When you are learning how to play poker it is important to remember these basic rules.


If there are only two players left, the player with the dealer button bets the small blind leaving the other player to bet a big blind. The dealer only plays first before the flop is dealt. After the community cards are dealt out the dealer plays last.

 How to Play Texas Holdem

  • Each player has two cards face down
  • After the small and the big blind bets are made players must decide whether they will fold call or raise.
  • If a player folds, they are out of the game and the next player must make a bet equal to the big blind or raise the bet
  • In the event that the player calls, the betting round continues until all players have essentially bet the same amount of chips. The round then ends and all the money goes into the pot.
  • Then the first three community cards known as the flop are dealt.
  • After the flop is dealt players have the option to check. This allows players to stay in the game without committing more money.
  • The minimum bet that can be placed at this stage is whatever the big blind was at the start of the game.
  • Once all the players bets are equal though calling and/or raising the round ends
  • A fourth card is added to the flop this card is known as the turn and bets can be placed
  • If there is still more than one player after the bets which come after the turn, a fifth and final card known as the river is dealt
  • At the river the remaining players may choose to bet again or check.
  • After the bets or check players reveal their two hole cards and compare who has the best five card hand from their two hole cards and three from the flop

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