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Updated on: May 17th, 2022

Best Casino Blackjack Tips USABlackjack tips show players how to win at blackjack. Have you wondered how to be good at blackjack? Well, the basic blackjack trick to winning is down to knowing when to hit or stand. There are also other facets to the best blackjack strategy besides hitting or standing. If you want to know how to beat blackjack online you will need to understand the values of different hands and how they payout.

For the best way to win at blackjack, practice the game until you can apply and understand simple blackjack strategy. The best way to play blackjack is using your knowledge of blackjack tricks, rules and strategies to your advantage. If you want to know how to consistently win at blackjack then follow along in our tips guide for US players.

Tips for playing blackjack come down to how familiar you are with the game. So, before you can master the many blackjack tricks and other blackjack tactics make use of our online blackjack section to get a feel of the game. If you need further insights the best way to play blackjack, we have a prepared how to play blackjack and win guide for those newer to the game. If you are confident enough that you have a good understanding of when blackjack hit or stand applies, then dive right into the casino sites we have compiled for US blackjack players.

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How to Win at Blackjack – 5 Blackjack Tips and Tricks

How to always win blackjack or successfully using blackjack tips and tricks is tied to how you apply the rules, the strategy, and betting. Some players may get the basic rules of Blackjack, but they may not know when to hit or stand. Although it may seem a bit complex but the best blackjack tips will simplify how to win blackjack every time for US players. Below we have an easy-to-follow list of how to win blackjack at casino sites tips guide. These blackjack tips to win will come in handy for beginners and experienced players as well.


How to win blackjack in casino sites comes down to how well you use the blackjack tips here. Casino blackjack tips can be subdivided into 5 categories – tips for when to hit or stand, blackjack hands, how to bet in blackjack, when to split and when to surrender.

1.      Blackjack Hands


Casino blackjack comes down to a balance of luck and skill. The luck aspect comes in play when you place a bet before getting your hand of cards. After that, it’s a matter of skill – knowing when to hit, split, stand, or fold. You may know the bets but if you don’t know what the values of the various blackjack hands are then all the blackjack tips and tricks in the world won’t help you.

  • K, J, Q, are valued at 10
  • Cards 2 – 10 have face value, that is whatever the number on the card is the value of the card
  • An Ace is valued at 11 or 1. That depends on what your advantage is. If your hand is an Ace and a J then you have a natural blackjack the A values at 11, while the J is a 10. However, if the you have an A, 2 you can either count is a 3 or 13 depending on what serves you better.

2.      Blackjack When to Hit

Timing your blackjack hit or stand could be the difference between you getting a good payout for having a better value hand or going bust. Remember that the dealer will always win if you go bust and that if the dealer gets a 21, even if you have a blackjack, you do not win. In that case how you bet may save your game.

3.      Tips on How to Bet in Blackjack

When you have a good hand or what you think is a good hand, it may pay off if you double down. Doubling down will allow you to double your bet and, by extension, double your winnings.

Insurance bets may be frowned upon; however, for newer inexperienced players taking insurance, although it may cut down meanings will protect you against loss on a single bet.

4.      Blackjack Tips – When to Split your Hand


To play real money blackjack while and get good returns, you need to know when to split. Remember that you can only split aces once; therefore, when you have a pair of Aces, it is essential to think carefully before you split your hand

5.      Blackjack Tricks – When to Surrender

There’s an option to surrender when you filled out your hand may not be as strong as you wished it to be. The surrender option allows you to get half your bet back rather than losing all your winnings when you fold.

Best Blackjack Tips to Win

How to Consistently Win at Blackjack

The best way to win at blackjack is by remembering the rules. Although it may sound very simplistic but understanding how to play Blackjack will help you to formulate a strategy that will work for you and give you the best payouts.

You can only find the best way to win at blackjack through practice. How to consistently win at blackjack can be directly tied to how often you practice. Hence a top tip for playing Blackjack would be to practice with free blackjack games before engaging in real money online Blackjack.

Blackjack Tactics – How to Win Blackjack Every Time

  • Some players also swear by card counting which can be difficult to implement especially in land-based casinos. You can practice your card counting if the blackjack game you are playing if it uses a single deck. That way, it’s easier to calculate how many Aces; Jacks and Queens are left in the deck judging from your hand and the dealer’s hand.
  • You can also follow our strategy guides to try out different blackjack strategies and find the one that works best for you. In the meantime, you can practice your blackjack game on the online casinos, which we recommend for US players who enjoy playing online Blackjack.

Blackjack Tips FAQs

·       How do I increase my chances of winning blackjack?

If you want to know how to win blackjack every time then you must make use of free blackjack games to practice. But first there are three things to understand before you even start practice

  1. Learn how to play blackjack
  2.  Understand the rules so that you know when to hit or stand
  3. Know how to bet in blackjack
  4. Test out the various blackjack tactics and see which one works best for you
  5. Know when to quit, sometimes the best way to cut your losses is to surrender

·       When should you hit or stay in Blackjack?

You should hit if the blackjack hands you have, are not in danger of busting should a high value card be added. It’s advisable to only keep hits limited to hands that on value less than 11. You should definitely stand on hands higher than 13, and 17 if you’re pushing your luck.

·       What is the trick to blackjack?

There isn’t just one trick to blackjack. There are a handful of blackjack tricks and tactics which can further your goal of winning at Blackjack. The two most important are:

  1. Timing your blackjack hit or stand moment perfectly. Knowing when to hit or stand is make or break in blackjack
  2. Know how to bet in blackjack – after your initial bet in blackjack you can double down or make an insurance bet or a split bet, all bets will affect your end result differently

·       Should you always double down on 11?

Since there isn’t a risk of busting regardless of what card you get when you hit you can double down. But the mere fact that you won’t bust does not mean you will have a better hand than the dealer. Definitely double down if the dealer’s exposed card is 2 because even if his hidden card is the highest value card his hand will still not be better than yours

·       Can you consistently win at blackjack?

There is a guaranteed way to consistently win at blackjack which is through card counting according to blackjack experts. However not all of us can even begin to attempt card counting and the practice is frowned upon. So, for us mere mortals who cannot card count you must come to terms with the fact that with any gambling game you cannot always win every single time you play. However, you can consistently win at blackjack in terms of having a good average win to loss ratio. Using the best blackjack tips and tricks will help you win more times than you lose. There are blackjack tips apps and software to help you keep track of your wins and losses. That way you can check what is often the cause of your losses and avoid those pitfalls

·       Should I Hit on 13?

Probably not. Regardless of what the dealer’s card is you have a higher probability of busting in this case. Especially if you are playing in a blackjack game which uses more than one deck. Getting a 9, 10, K, Q, or J will lead to a bust. That risk is multiplied in a multi-deck game.


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