Pai Gow Poker merges poker and pai gow an ancient Chinese gambling game.  The modern game of Pai Gow was invented in the 80s and is played with cards in lieu of dominos. The game was an instant casino favorite and since made its way was to online casinos. Pai gow Poker is somewhat a specialty game because not many internet gambling sites have it.  We have put together the top casinos with the fascinating Chinese inspired game. At some of these casinos you are guaranteed of getting a pai gow poker with bonus offer.

Together with the list of top casinos we have guide to help you play pai gow poker online for real money and free. If you are already familiar with playing online pai gow poker you can try out the casino game at any of the gambling sites we have.



Top Pai Gow Poker US Casino Sites

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How to Find Great Pai Gow Poker with Bonus

There are a large number of casino sites with gambling games. Howe very finding a casino site with a pai gow poker game not just pai gow or online poker can be a bit of hassle. We expertly review casinos to find those pai gow poker online games. Out of those casinos we then review the sites for safety and security as well as what they have to offer our readers. The most important thing real money players want is to get the most out of playing pai gow poker online. Our list of credible pai gow poker casinos meet the following requirements.

  • The casino must have pai gow poker with bonus
  • We compare sites to find the best pai gow poker odds
  • A variety of the different versions of the pai gow poker game
  • Real money variants along with free paly mode games
  • Mobile pai gow poker casino games

Get Best Pai Gow Poker Odds

In order to get the best odds, you need to learn how to play pai gow poker well. That way you can assemble the best hand. The best hand possible is five aces made up of four aces and one joker.

To 5 Best Hands o Give You the Best Odds for Pai Gow Poker

  1. Five Aces one of which is a joker.
  2. Royal flushA, K, Q, J, 10,
  3. Straight flushFive cards in sequence and the same suit.
  4. All four cards of similar rank.
  5. Full house– a hand made up of three of a kind with a pair.
  6. Straight-Five cards in a sequence, but not of the same suit.
  7. Three cards of the similar rank.
  8. Two different pairs together
  9. PairTwo cards of the same rank.
  10. High Card– this is when the highest card pays out in the event that you don’t have any of the previously mentioned hands

Why Play at Pai Gow Poker Casinos We Recommend

When reviewing pai gow poker we are not only looking at who has the most pai gow poker casino. Our recommended casinos balance quality pai gow poker gaming with quantity. The games available are developed by the best casino game software developers. Seasoned casino players will recognise trusted gaming giants such as RealTime Gaming (RTG), Rival Gaming, Betsoft and many others at the pai gow poker casino sites. Players are guaranteed of well-designed games with great real money bonus offers. The games are fair and regulated therefore players are assured of fair pai gow poker payouts. Out of the casinos we recommend which have a good selection of games players can compare and choose the best pai gow poker house edge.

The pai gow poker sites we recommend have the following attributes

  1. Quality gaming from world class casino game developers
  2. Fair pai gow poker payouts
  3. Reasonable house edge


Pai Gow Poker Casino Games Terms

  • Low hand – the two-card hand in the seven cards that the player has
  • Front / high hand – the five-card hand
  • Copy – When a player’s hand ranks the same as the dealer’s hand, the player loses
  • Foul – when your low hand has a higher value than your front hand
  • Wild Card – when you use the joker to put together a winning hand

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