Blackjack strategy will help players to get wins. The only way to come up with the best strategy is if you understand the game. Playing Blackjack is not just a gut feeling. You take into account possible outcomes using various strategies to make a play that gives you the best payout. No matter how many players are there the players are playing against the house or the dealer. The dealer or the casino always has the edge. How? This is because in the event that a player busts, he or she automatically loses regardless of the dealer’s hand.

That is what makes blackjack none of the bets games to play when you know the right strategy. You have less variables to consider because it’s just you against the dealer. That is why in land-based casinos, blackjack card counting is such a popular strategy since you only have to pay attention to the dealer.

To formulate the right strategy, you must understand the unique card values, and the different plays you can make in a blackjack game. Players can also make use of blackjack strategy cards which we will also look at inn this guide. Included in this guide is a list of internet casinos with various blackjack games. You may try out the strategy tips you get here at these casinos

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Blackjack Betting Strategy

  1. Players must check how the game pays out. Some casinos sites will pay at ratios that in the long run dent your profit. For instance, it would be better to playa ta 3:2 payout game than a 5:6.
  2. Be aware of how many decks are being used om the game you choose. The less decks there are in a game the better your odds. The more decks there are in the game the worse your odds are. Therefore, your strategy should match the particular game you are playing.
  3. The best way to bet is to start with minimum bet in the game. If you win with the minimum, bet repeat that same bet. Then increase your bet by 50% of the minimum bet. After wards alternate between the minimum bet and the minimum+50% bet.
  4. If you lose at a some point you have to increase your bet by 120%. Should you lose again you must double the bet again until you win. Then when you win go back to your minimum bet and follow the same process again.
  5. The reason doubling of bets is advised after a losing streak is to cover the loss in case of a win.

There are more betting strategies which we have detailed below:

Martingale Betting Strategy

The Martingale system of betting which is what we were de4tailing above, doubles the bets after each loss. We have illustrated the blackjack betting strategy with a flow chart below:


The Manhattan Blackjack Betting strategy

This strategy is one of the most basic blackjack betting strategies. It works on a principle which is somewhat the exact opposite of the previous strategy. Players only double their bets when they win and decrease when they lose. The pattern they follow is a 2-1-2 betting system.

The Oscar BLACKJACK Betting System

This system of betting starts off with a single unit bet. By that we mean the minimum bet, and then with each win the gambler adds that same single unit to the bet. When there is a loss after a bet the bet is not decreased or changed in any way. That is the betting strategy, add the minimum bet every time you in and stay put when you lose.

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