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Updated on: January 3rd, 2024

USA Online Lottery

The best online lottery sites are just a click away! You can now play online lottery games for real money at the best online sites in USA. Online lottery games play just like the traditional lottery tickets you would buy at local shops or gas stations. And just like state lotteries, you can also play other real money lottery games like bingo, keno and scratch cards!

We have a list of the most trusted online lottery sites and casinos in USA. Play the lottery online, get exclusive bonuses for lottery games and win real money!

Best Real Money Online Lottery Sites 2024

 High Country Casino
100% Bonus up to $2500
T&Cs Apply
Red Dog Casino
Up to $8,000 of welcome bonus
T&Cs Apply
Vegas Aces Casino
Up to $5,000 of welcome bonus
T&Cs Apply
Comic Play Casino
250% Bonus up to $1,500. Min Deposit: $25
T&Cs Apply
250% Bonus up to $5,000.
18+. New players only. Welcome Bonus – 350% Bonus up to $3,500. This bonus only applies for deposits of $25 or higher! 40x Wagering Requirement.
350% Bonus up to $3,000

Play Lottery Games Online and Win Real Money


Trusted Online Lottery Sites USA

There are genuine online lottery sites for USA players with a variety of real money lottery games. We have profiled a few of the top casino sites where you can enjoy lottery games online and win real money. They offer the best bonuses, mobile games and a large selection of games.

BetOnline Casino

BetOnline is a wonderland of lottery games. They have the biggest selection of online lottery games for real money. In addition to scratch-offs, there are jackpot draw games and keno games. The casino even offers sports betting along with classic casino games.

Welcome Bonus: $3,000

Play online scratch cards, keno and more lottery games now at BetOnline Casino.

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Las Atlantis Casino

The lost city of Las Atlantis has loads of treasures in the form of lottery games like keno, bingo and scratch-offs that payout huge jackpot prizes. The casino also offers a novelty shooting fish table game in addition to a host of classic slots and casino games.

Welcome Bonus: $2800

Play keno games and more at Las Atlantis now to win big!

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Wild Casino

Get your share of the big wins at Wild casino and play lottery games online for real money! In addition to keno, bingo, and scratch cards there are online slots, and even live dealer games!

Welcome Bonus $5,000

Play lottery games online and win real money now at Wild casino to win huge jackpots!

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Best Online Lottery Sites In USA

While many American states drag their feet on introducing online lottery games, we have found genuine online lottery sites that you can trust. There are as yet only 11 states with real online lottery games and we have a list of more than 80 casinos that offer lottery games including keno, bingo and scratch off games. At the reputable sites that we recommend, you can buy and play lottery tickets online. There are instant draws so you can win real money instantly.

Online Lottery USA

Best Online Lottery Games for Real Money

There are many real money online lottery games that you can play at top online casinos. The lotto is not just made up of draw games such as Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 6 games that are the most popular at state lotteries. Lottery games and instant win games like keno, bingo and scratch offs are usually under the specialty casino games section at casinos.


Online Scratchcards


Scratch offs or scratch cards are some of the most popular lottery games online. You simply scratch off the foil to reveal a prize. Some online scratch cards cost as little as 50c and you can win huge jackpots. More on scrachcards here…

Online Keno


Keno is a lottery game with Chinese origins. It’s an 80-ball game and players can choose up to 20 numbers on a single keno ticket. The more numbers you get correct the bigger your payout. More on keno here…

Online Bingo


Bingo is a raffle/ lottery style game where you buy a ticket and if the numbers that are in the draw appear on your bingo card you win money. Play multiple cards online and automatically get multiple payouts! More on bingo here…


Most Popular Lottery Games in USA

Lotto games are super popular in America. In fact, so popular that all states have lotteries except for two. In addition to draw games (Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 etc) there are syndicated interstate lottery games with gigantic jackpots like Mega Millions and Powerball.

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions started in 1996 and was first known as The Big Game. At first, only six states were part of The Big Game. The Mega Millions game has paid out some life-changing jackpots over the years and once paid out a jackpot of over $1 billion! After 2002 the name changed to Mega Millions and has grown to include over 45 states in America.


The Powerball is a multi-state lottery game with some of the biggest jackpots to offer. Its biggest payout was in 2016, over $1,5 billion split between 3 players who won in different states. The Powerball is a big-money lottery game that lets you play for as little as $2 for a lottery ticket. While the chances of getting all the numbers correct are slim you can get prizes for getting a few or even just one or two numbers. In fact, there is a 1 in 25 chance that you will win a prize in Powerball and those are some great odds for a lottery game.

USA Lottery Rules

The rules for playing lottery games are simple and easy to follow.

  • Players must be over the age of 18 to play online lotteries.
  • You must only choose six numbers in a minimum of four rows.
  • You are allowed to play the same numbers repeatedly.
  • Lottery tickets that contain winning digits must be claimed within six months of the date on the lottery ticket.
  • Save your lottery tickets to claim your winnings


Best Lottery in USA

You can play lottery online in all but two states in USA. There are also many online lottery games with bigger jackpots at the gambling sites we recommend. Here in America, the most popular states are Michigan and GA lottery online games. Powerball and Mega Millions of games have some of the biggest jackpots.

Where to Play Online Lottery Games in USA

  • Kentucky lottery
  • Georgia lottery
  • Illinois lottery
  • Texas lottery
  • Florida lottery
  • Michigan lottery
  • Ohio lottery
  • Maine Lottery
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia


Is it Legal to Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

It is legal to buy lottery tickets online as long as the state laws allow. A dozen of the states that have state lotteries offer online lottery services. At some you may purchase tickets, while some exist as a subscription service where you scan tickets to find if you have a winning ticket or not.

Free Online Lottery for Real Money

Is it possible to play for free and still win real money? Yes, it is possible indeed. Of you play the lottery online in USA you may be eligible for bonuses when you sign up to a lottery site. Using that bonus, you can purchase a ticket which guarantees you a place in the draw.

Another way to enjoy free online lottery for real money is through Second Chance games. Second chance games at state lotteries allow you to play losing tickets from a previous draw. Therefore, you do not pay for another ticket but you get to enter another lottery draw where you stand to win real money free of charge.

More Online Lottery Guides

How to Win Lottery Games Online

If you want to win lottery games online follow our tips to increase chances of winning. Choose a safe site to purchase your lottery ticket. We only list genuine lottery sites where US players can safely play lottery online.

Understand how to play lottery games online – It is a simple game of guessing numbers however each lottery may have unique lottery tickets and rules of who is eligible to play

Save your winnings – Use your winnings to Buy lottery tickets online that way you are not using your own money.

Keep track of winning numbers – Record winning numbers to see which numbers hit the most. You can sometimes find patterns of winning numbers in keno games if you keep track.


Online Lottery FAQs


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