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Updated on: May 19th, 2022

Spanish 21 Blackjack

What is Spanish 21 blackjack? Spanish 21 is a variation of the standard blackjack game where all the number 10 cards are removed from the deck. This would be seen as a risky game to play since it reduces player advantage.

How does it infringe on player advantage? Well there are less ways to create in automatic 21. Nevertheless, there are Spanish 21 rules which in fact give players more advantage than the standard game.

Are you interested in learning how to play 21 the Spanish way? If you are great! We have created and easy guide for this online blackjack variation. Included in the guide is clear Spanish 21 rules along with tips and strategies to use whether you play at a casino online.

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Spanish 21 Rules

  • No Push – There is no push in Spanish 21 even when you match the dealer blackjack a 21 on your part is in automatic win
  • Multiple splits – You can split up to three times even aces
  • Double down on split hands – Doubling down in allowed on all split hands there’s no limit on how many times you can double down
  • Surrender as the game starts – There is a surrender option even right after your first two cards have been dealt
  • Rescue a double down wager– You are allowed to rescue a double don’t bed that has now become risky. That is, you forfeit your initial wager and take back what you had added to the bed.

Spanish 21 Blackjack

Spanish 21 Match the Dealer Payouts

Spanish 21 gives players edge with bonus payouts for a blackjack created with multiple cards. However, this does not apply to double down bets.

  • A five-card 21 pays out 3 to 2
  • Six-card 21 pay-out 2 to 1
  • Seven + card 21 pay-outs 3 to 1

Spanish 21 Basic Strategy

With most blackjack games card counting is often the number one strategy. However, considering the fact that Spanish blackjack uses 6 to 8 decks of cards it is a bit of a nightmare to cut count. Added to the fact that the cards are continually shuffled card-counting may be more difficult in Spanish 21. What are some strategies that you can use in Spanish 21 blackjack to mitigate losses?

Make the most of the play advantage that Spanish 21 blackjack gives players. For instance, there is the surrender option right as the game begins. If the dealer has a face card the dealer is more likely to have a blackjack or a total hand that may be higher than yours. So, in this instant it would be wise to surrender.

When you have a good hand double down. Remember there is no limit on how often you can double down in Spanish 21 therefore you could really win big on good hands.

Take advantage of the multiple split option. Many players have received in ace after splitting in blackjack and have had no option but to bust. Spanish 21 blackjack allows players to reach split aces multiple times. Additionally, you can double down on the split hands.

Free Spanish 21 Blackjack Tips

learn moves to make with the Spanish 21 strategy chart

With its numerous changes in rules, Spanish 21 is a very complex game to learn and it will take time. Though, if you manage to learn the strategy which goes with the rules, you can benefit profoundly.

Don’t Draw for The Bonus Pay-outs

We advise you don’t withdraw for the bonus pay-outs, and you should not place any extra side bets if you have to pay additional to be qualified for them.

Don’t Surrender Often

New players turn to surrender too often, this is especially if they have a history of most regular blackjack game. This is not a wise thing to do unless it is proven profitable.

Avoid Match Dealer Side Bet

Unlike other alternatives out there, Spanish 21 has an enjoyable side wager called Match the Dealer. The way to win this bet is by matching the initial cards in the hand that you’ve been dealt with the dealer’s face up-card.

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