Online European Blackjack USAIf you’ve been wondering what is European blackjack and how it’s played, then we’ve got you covered in this guide. European Blackjack is similar to standard blackjack with the exception of a few rules and difference in gameplay. Commonly European Blackjack is played with only two decks. However, some casinos use anything from 2 to 8 decks of cards with no jokers.  Even though the game may be at a blackjack table with many other players, think of it as a game between yourself and the dealer. Unlike card games like poker, where the other players’ hands affect your fate in the game- only the dealer’s hand affects your game. European Blackjack has its own advantages and disadvantages in comparison to standard blackjack.

The unique rules and gameplay of European blackjack have been outlined in our easy European blackjack guide. In this guide, our US readers will see how European blackjack strategy is affected by how the dealer does not have a hole card. Read more of our guide to get the best tips for European Blackjack. Additionally, we have listed the to casino online US sites to play a variety of blackjack games online.

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Online European Blackjack Basics

European blackjack online follows the same basic structure as the standard blackjack games. However, the only difference is the deal itself. What this means is that once the player has placed their bet, the dealer or RNG deals down the cards. The dealer gets the first card face up, while each player gets dealt two cards face down. After the player has played their hand, the dealer will deal himself an additional card. Below are more basics for European blackjack free and real money games.

  • The main objective for European blackjack is to get a hand of 21 or as close as possible without exceeding it.
  • European blackjack is a game between the player and dealer.
  • Face value cards are from 2 to 9.
  • Aces count as a value of 1 and 11.
  • Cards from Ace to 10 are also valued at 10 points each.

Play European Blackjack USA

How to Play European Blackjack USA

The game of European blackjack is quite simple to play. Once you’ve signed up with your favorite casino, found a European blackjack table and have your cards dealt, you will have to try and get a hand as close to 21 as possible.

  • If you get a blackjack hand right away, that’s an Ace and a 10-value card, you win the round.
  • If the dealer has a similar hand with the player then it’s a “Push”. You don’t win or lose anything. Your bet will be returned.
  • If you or the dealer gets a “bust”, which is a hand that goes over 21, you lose.

Otherwise, if your hand is below 21, you will have a couple of options to improve the value of your hand and they are as follows:

Hit – request for another card.

Stand – retain your existing card and not ask for an additional card.

Split – splitting your hand into two if it has same value cards. So here each of the hands is played separately.

Double Down – double your original wager and request for an additional card. You also have to stand when you get your additional card.

Surrender – you quit after the dealer has dealt you the original hand and get to keep half of your bet.

Insurance – you can take insurance if the dealer’s upcard is an Ace and you think that he might draw a card with the value of 10. Blackjack insurance requires an additional wager equivalent to half your initial bet and pays 2:1 if successful.

Basic European Blackjack Rules

Unlike other forms of blackjack, the dealer has no hole card in European Blackjack. The dealer gets one card face up until all players have both their cards. The dealer gets their second card after the player has made a play. Once the player has decided whether they are hitting, standing, doubling down, splitting or surrendering.

Here are more European blackjack rules.

  • European blackjack is used between 2 and 8 decks and each gets reshuffled after each round.
  • You can only double down if the value of your hand is 9,10 or 11.
  • You can’t re-split.
  • The dealer must stand on a soft 17. A soft hand is that made with an Ace.
  • The dealer must also hit for a hand value of 16.
  • Usually, you cannot surrender if the dealer’s face card is an Ace. Some casinos will allow you to surrender if the dealer has a 10-value card but an Ace.
  • You automatically win if your hand is a value of 21.

Best European Blackjack Strategy to Win

European blackjack is not entirely a game of luck, it requires players to have a good strategy in place too in order to win. With that said, it’s important that US players use a basic strategy rather than just playing the game hoping for the best. We feature a European blackjack basic strategy on our site that you can have a look at to improve your chances of winning at European blackjack!

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