Live blackjack in USA is a medley of everything we enjoy about blackjack as well as the technology of online gambling. Americans who enjoy the game of blackjack with the interaction of other players or a dealer will love live casino blackjack. Our guide includes the top US blackjack casino sites together with tips to improve your chances to win live blackjack online. Just like the standard game, live dealer blackjack is a blend of skill, strategy and chance. Playing blackjack live at USA casinos online is a faster pace than normal online blackjack.

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How to play Live blackjack – A beginner’s Guide

Unlike online blackjack where the cards are dealt out by a Random Number Generator, a live dealer hands out the cards. Players have to make their bets before the cards are dealt. The game played is played in the following stages

  • Player makes a bet
  • Live dealer gives out cards
  • Live dealer checks if he has the blackjack


Then, each player two cards face up while the dealer gets one card face up and one down. The dealer is dealt one card face up and the hole card face down. Given that the dealer’s exposed card is an ace or a card the value of 10 he checks if he has the blackjack. In the event that he does have a “Blackjack” that is cards the value of 21, the dealer wins and the player loses has a blackjack the dealer wins and the game ends.

If the dealer does not have the blackjack then the player can then split his pair, stand or ask for a third card. his moves. If he wants another card then he hits. If he does not want another card he stands. If his hitting, results in his hand going over 21 it constitutes an automatic loss.

Live Blackjack Online Tips

To maximise your bets in live blackjack there are number of tips and strategies each player can use. This ranges from making use of bonuses that are specifically for live dealer blackjack games learning to play live blackjack in demo mode before playing for real money. We do not endorse this but some players use card counting to advance live casino blackjack online. In playing online blackjack live dealer games it is important to choose the right type of blackjack. Some live casinos have a few variants of the blackjack game live. While others only have one. The available types of live dealer blackjack USA casinos are:

  • Classic Blackjack – This version of blackjack is probably the original version of the classic casino card game
  • Pontoon Blackjack – the best hand in this game is an ace and a face card or a ten followed by a hand of five cards up to 21 or less
  • Super Fun 21 – One, two or six decks of cards are used in this variant. The best hand is six or more cards that make a total of 20 or less
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack – Players win if they have a hand whose total is 21 or under and higher than the dealer’s). This version of blackjack allows multiple splits


Blackjack Live Betting Strategy

Depending on what type of blackjack you play you can split your pairs to better your chances of having a winning pair. If you use the right strategy coupled with good luck you can get high returns. Counting cards online live blackjack is a strategy that some players swear by. You can use a live blackjack strategy card to postulate possible card values that the live dealer may have. Where a certain dealer’ s card value intersects with the different player cards values, there is a suggested move. The strategy card is not a fool proof method but merely a suggestion. It may not be feasible to use a strategy card in live blackjack where the game moves at faster pace.

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