Online Roulette is a simple game of chance loved by many US gamblers. When you play roulette online it’s similar to playing in a any of the local casinos you may have visited. In this casino game there is a roulette wheel with 37 or 38 unique numbers depending on what variation of roulette you are playing. Simply bet on the white ball landing on the number of your choice and you could be on the way to landing a windfall. It is true that the game of Roulette is purely chance however that is what draws crowds to it. The thrill of unknown fortunes about to befall players. We have compiled a list of top US casinos where American can enjoy online roulette for real money along with other casino games popular in USA.


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What is the Best Online Roulette Site?

If an roulette site has the following then it is the best.

  1. Wide range of Roulette online real money games
  2. Roulette bonus
  3. instant play online roulette no download games.
  4. As a bonus, some casinos offer live roulette.
  5. Free online roulette games for practice.

How to Find the Top Roulette Online Casino

The first step in finding the best online roulette is getting the best online casino to play at. Doing that in an age where there are countless casinos online claiming to have the best roulette game online can be difficult. So, we have put together top USA roulette betting sites for Americans gambling online. How do you if you are playing at the best online casino for roulette? There are three markers that indicate whether you are at a top online casino roulette site. If the site has wide range of Roulette online real money games, roulette bonus and instant play online roulette no download. A bonus at the best online casino for roulette is live roulette.

Online Roulette Wheel Types

Roulette comes in many different forms including free online roulette. However, most USA players are more interested in roulette for real money. The roulette game online is available in the three main types of the best online roulette. The three main variants of casino roulette are European Roulette online, American roulette online and French roulette. Each of these games carry the same fundamental principle of roulette. When you learn how to play roulette  in any one of the versions it will be easy to learn the other variations. There is a simple bet placed on what number a ball will land. The main difference in the way these games are played is based on the numbers on the wheel. The numbers on the roulette wheel are different for each variant.


American Roulette Online

The American roulette wheel has numbers 1 up to 36  plus a 00 pocket in addition to the 0 pocket. The existence of the additional 00 pocket increase the house edge because bets on the zero have the worst odds for players. In essence American roulette has the highest house edge of all the types of roulette and the odds of winning are 1 to 38.

French and European Roulette Online

French Roulette and European Roulette make use of the same online roulette table. Both variants have a 37 pocket wheel with one 0 pocket unlike the American version of casino roulette. Although the two roulette games use the same wheel , they have some differences that make people choose one over the other.

French Roulette Online – In addition to having lower house edge because of the single 0 pocket, French roulette has some pretty accommodating rules for players. The french online roulette has rules like the La Partage rule which cushions the fall from a loss

European Roulette – The easiest way to explain European roulette is French roulette without the rules that reward players in the event of a loss. It also has a lower house edge than American Roulette.

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