French Roulette is considered the original roulette game. The wheel is identical to the European version- the wheel has just one zero. The difference between French and the other roulette games is the La Partage rule. The la partage rule lets players get half their money bet if the ball lands on zero after a number bet. That is how French Roulette has the lowest house edge and the best odds. French roulette has the added flair of having the bets on the table written in French as well. Where other roulette tables read even and odd it reads pair and impair. The numbers 1 to 12 fall under Manqué which may be represented by the letter M. Numbers 13 to 24 are Passé (P). The third column D (Derniere douzaine) represents the 25-36 bets.


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Best French Roulette Bets

Roulette is a game of chance not skill, therefore bets are purely up to the players gut feeling. However, because of the La Partage rule it may be advisable for cautious players to bet on odd or even numbers so that they have some form of insurance. Should the ball land on a zero they can get half their bet back.

French Roulette bets on colours are also simple bets players can start off with before moving to core intricate bets. Betting on whether the ball lands on red or black is less risky than a specific number but the payout is modest as well. Below is a list of other bets you can wager on online casino French roulette and the odds associated with each bet

French Roulette Bet Odds

  • A straight bet, odds: 36:1, pay out: 35:1.
  • A split bet, odds: 17.5:1, pay out: 17:1.
  • A corner bet such as the corner, trio and street bets: 8.25:1, pay out: 8:1.
  • Double street bet, odds: 6:1, pay out: 5:1.
  • Dozen bet where you bet P, M or D odds 2:1, pay out: 2.08:1
  • Even where you bet on an even number of bets odds: 1.01:1, pay out: 1:1.

French Roulette Betting Strategy Tips

The best way to estimate what you stand to gain from French roulette or any game of roulette is to calculate possible loss or gain. Players can do this by using the Expected Value method. Most casinos have an expected value calculator. If not, we have outlined how expected value works for our US players. Additionally, we have the top three tips to boost your French roulette game

  • Take advantage of the Free French roulette practice to familiarise yourself with gameplay.
  • Less specific bets such as odd, even or a high or low number have better odds but lower payouts
  • If you plan on bet on both the odds and evens rather make one bet significantly higher than the other otherwise if they are equal and one wins, the other loss will cancel out the profit

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