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Updated on: August 13th, 2021

Mini roulette is a condensed version of the standard roulette game. The mini roulette wheel only has a total of 13 in comparison to standard roulette which has 37 numbers and 38 in American Roulette. Therefore, the mini roulette table is also much simpler and has less detail than the normal table. The mini roulette table still features bets that we are familiar with like the red or black , evens and odds, as well as group bets. We will explain how mini roulette works and how to play the game. Additionally, we have a list of all the best USA online casinos where you can play a variety of mini roulette games.

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What Is Mini Roulette?

Mini roulette is a fun fast-paced smaller version of roulette. Smaller because it has only numbers 0 to 12. Because of this there is no American European or French version when it comes to mini roulette as they all make use of the same numbers. In standard roulette a French and European roulette wheel, only have a single 0 while American roulette has an extra double 0 pocket.

The tiny wheel of mini roulette means there are less variables and therefore has better probabilities of winning. You are also able to test out a variety of strategies that require progressive bets without straining your bankroll too much.

How Do You Play Mini Roulette?

Mini roulette is played similar to how you would play any other standard roulette games. First you place your bets and then you spin the wheel. Similar to all real money online roulette games the best casinos make use of a random number generator to come up with results.

When the wheel stops spinning and the ball stops in a numbered pocket all winning bets are paid out. You have the option to select a new bet altogether or re-bet. You can also withdraw your winnings at this stage.

How Mini Roulette Works

Online mini roulette makes use of a random number generator. Therefore, all the results are guaranteed to be random and fair.

The wheel has a total of 13 numbers from 0 to 12 and features all the basic roulette bets.

Table layout is similar to standard roulette with the zero right at the top of the table and the 12 numbers in three columns. At the bottom of the columns the payout for each columns are specified. Along the sides of the table the group bets are laid out. In mini roulette the group bets overlap. So some numbers in one group will be in the next group. The mini roulette group bets are as follows 1-6, 4-9, 7-12.


Mini roulette has a special rule similar to French roulette’s La Partage rule. When players bet on any single number and zero comes up, they don’t lose the entire bet but they get a 50% of their bet back.


Mini Roulette Odds and Payouts

Mini roulette has fewer numbers and therefore has better probabilities of a winning bet. Below is the expected payout in a standard many roulettes game.

Bet Type Player Odds Payout
Straight (single number) 7.7% 11 to 1
Split (two numbers) 15.3% 5 to 1
Street (three numbers) 23.1% 3 to 1
Corner (four numbers) 30.7% 2 to 1
Column 30.7% 2 to 1
Red/Black 46.2% 1 to 1
Even/Odd 46.2% 1 to 1


How Does Mini Roulette Compare to Other Related Variations?

Mini roulette is faster paced and a much more fun variation especially to players who are new to the game. There are fewer bets to strategize around. With less numbers it is easier to implement betting strategies without busting your bankroll. The highest payout in mini roulette is 11 to 1 so if you enjoy the higher payout roulette bets your best option would be the standard roulette variations. Mini roulette’s variation of the La Partage Rule where players get half their wager back when a 0 comes up instead of a single number is a good way of minimizing loss.