For most people the word Bingo conjures up images of old people in a hall with tickets shouting Bingo. Online Bingo fuses modernity and new life into what is mistakenly said to be an unexciting gambling game. US players have renewed their interest in bingo online. We have compiled an easy bingo guide for beginners with all the online bingo rules, how to play and the best casino sites to play at.  Whether you want to play online bingo for free or real money bingo we have you covered.

US Online Bingo Sites


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Online Bingo Games

Online Bingo follows the same traditional bingo foundation. Cards in online bingo follow the template of  traditional  bingo cards. The cards are 5×5 grids with 24 randomly numbered squares and a blank one in the center row and column which is an automatic fill for any combination of numbers. If you’re familiar with online slots this would be similar to the wild and scatter symbol features.


Types of Online Bingo Games

Bingo uses a range of numbers from 1 to 90 depending on the type of Bingo game . US online bingo sites mostly play 75 number bingo which is the version bingo players call US bingo. Players will pick a pattern of numbers either diagonal, horizontal or vertical. Depending on the type of bingo and which site you play at, you can win for getting all five numbers correct, one number or even get a reward for getting none correct!

You will find bingo variants that include 30 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, American Bingo and European Bingo. Additionally, casino software gaming provider Realtime Gaming offers the standard online casino versions of this game. 80 ball bingo is probably why some players confuse the game of keno and bingo. Keno uses a range of 80 numbers or 80 characters if you are in China. In the UK online casinos play 90 ball bingo. There are plenty other variants of the game of online bingo and the rules of each variant vary slightly. However, they all draw from the basic rules of how to play bingo and the universal strategies and tips that can be used for the varieties of bingo.

How to Play Online Bingo

The standard online bingo game is played with 80 numbers ticket. You can usually mark up to 15 spots on the ticket. You face a payout table depending on the number of spots you have marked. Then twenty numbers are drawn at random. The software determines how many of these numbers match with the numbers marked. The number of correct hits on the relevant payout table determines your payout.

You select the online bingo game that you want and purchase a card by paying the bet amount. You then select the number of balls you want to draw. Based on this you will be given a payout table indicating many different patterns on the card and the payout multiplier for each pattern. Then the set number of balls will be randomly drawn and the number marked on the card if present. If you manage to complete a pattern then you will be paid according to the payout table.

Online Bingo Game Rules

There are three basic ways to win in Online bingo.

  1. Play by marking one line of numbers of horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  2. Alternatively mark two horizontal lines on the bingo card
  3. Another way is to mark patterns on the whole bingo card, this is a full house and is common in 30 ball bingo
  4. Mark a T shaped pattern whether upside down, upright or even sideways
  5. Square shape win – mark numbers along the edge of the card
  6. Diamond shape win

Online Bingo Strategy

For example, in online bingo if you opt for fewer balls drawn then you have a lower probability of completing a pattern but will get higher payouts if you do. So, if you are willing to take risks for potentially larger wins then you should take this route. Conservative players should opt for the maximum number of balls drawn.

Why Play Bingo Online

Online bingo games do not require any skill, therefore are ideally suited to players who are just willing to test their luck without getting involved with gaming strategy.

Particularly online bingo gives you simple options for managing volatility and allowing you to play the same games at risk levels that you are comfortable with.

At most US online casinos, you will be able to purchase multiple tickets at one go and play a large number of games without any manual intervention.

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