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Recently, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) took action against two prominent online gaming operators. DraftKings and Betway were fined $20,000 for regulatory violations.

Plus, the PGCB is running an awareness campaign to protect minors. Let’s delve into the details of what led to these penalties and what they mean for online gaming in the state.

PGCB Fines Two Online Bookmakers


DraftKings’ Regulatory Misstep

DraftKings, known for its daily fantasy sports offerings, faced a $10,000 fine for allowing access to its “Reignmakers” product in Pennsylvania. This product, which involves assembling player rosters and competing in fantasy sports tournaments, ran afoul of the PGCB’s regulations.

In October 2022, the board banned the “Reignmakers” product because they were worried about people buying and selling nonfungible token (NFT) player cards. This move by the PGCB underscores its commitment to upholding gaming integrity and protecting consumers from potentially harmful practices.

Betway’s Slip-Up with College Player Prop Bets

On the other hand, Betway, an iGaming and sportsbook operator, was fined $10,000 for offering college player prop bets, a prohibited wager in Pennsylvania. The state’s regulations, like those of many others, aim to prevent instances of college players being harassed or influenced to alter game outcomes.

This penalty serves as a reminder of the strict regulatory environment surrounding online gaming, particularly concerning sensitive areas such as college sports betting.

PGCB Regulatory Awareness and Public Service

Beyond the fines, the PGCB has been actively involved in public service campaigns to raise awareness about responsible gaming practices. One notable initiative is the “Don’t Gamble With Kids” program, which educates the public about the dangers of leaving minors unattended outside casinos.

The success of this program is evident in the decreasing number of incidents involving unattended children at gaming establishments. The PGCB’s efforts highlight the importance of promoting responsible gambling behavior within the community.

Transitioning Regulatory Landscapes

While Pennsylvania remains firm on its stance against certain types of wagers, it’s worth noting that regulatory landscapes can evolve. Recent changes in other states, such as Ohio and Maryland, reflect a shift away from allowing college player prop bets.

This trend underscores the dynamic nature of gaming regulations and the need for operators to stay informed and compliant with changing rules.

PGCB: Upholding Integrity in Online Gaming

In conclusion, the fines imposed on DraftKings and Betway by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board serve as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to maintain integrity and consumer protection in the online gaming industry. As players and operators navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape, staying informed and adhering to established guidelines is crucial.

The PGCB’s proactive approach to enforcement and public awareness sets a standard for responsible gaming practices that benefit both players and the gaming community at large. Stay tuned for further updates on regulatory developments and their impact on online gaming in Pennsylvania and beyond.