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Online Blackjack Real Money

Online Blackjack is a casino card game of chance and skill. When you play blackjack online your aim is to have a hand is as close or equal to 21. Going over this value is called “busting” and an automatic loss. If you cannot get exactly 21 , then for your hand to win it has to be as close to 21 and better than the dealer’s hand.

If you would like a better understanding of what the best online blackjack for money in USA is, then keep reading. Our guide to online blackjack gambling compares free online blackjack  for fun with the ever popular Atlantic City blackjack, pontoon, Vegas Strip, Super Fun 21 to mention a few. What’s more there are tips and strategies you can use to help you win real money when you play online.

When it comes to playing the blackjack game online some questions may arise. Can you make money playing online blackjack? Is online blackjack legal? The answer to both these questions is yes. However we will o into more detail of how you can make real money playing blackjack online. Another question naturally arises from the previous two – What is the best online blackjack site? We have done more than answer that question, we have gone off and found the best online blackjack casino sites that accept US players.  They are all listed here.

Play Online Blackjack for Real Money

Best online blackjack for money USA here!


Online casino Welcome Bonus Payout Rating Visit Site
1 Bovegas Casino
Play Bovegas Casino
2 Cafe Casino Best American Casino
Play Cafe Casino
3 Slots of Vegas
Play Slots of Vegas
4 USA Top Online Old Havana Casino USA Casino
Play Old Havana Casino
5 USA Top Online Casino irish Luck USA Casino
Play Irish luck Casino

6 USA Online Casino - Sun Palace Casino
Play Sun Palace
7 Las Vegas
Play Las Vegas
8 Raging bull
Play Raging Bull
9 Grand Fortune casino
Play Grand Fortune
10 Planet 7 casino
Play Planet 7 Casino
10 High Noon Casino
Play High Noon Casino
11 Ignition Casino
Play Ignition Casino
12 All Star Slots Casino
Play All Star Slots Casino
13 Slots Plus Casino
Play Slots Plus Casino
14 Drake Casino
Play Drake Casino
15 Bovada Casino
Play Bovada Casino
16 Slots.LV Casino
Play Slots.LV Casino
17 Vegas Casino
Play Vegas Casino
18 Gossip Slots
Play Gossip Slots
19 Royal Ace Casino
No Limit
Play Royal Ace Casino
20 Crypto Reels Casino
Play Crypto Reels Casino
21 Silver Oak Casino
Play Silver Oak Casino
22 Lucky Red Casino
Play Lucky Red Casino
23 Liberty Slots Casino
Play Liberty Slots Casino
24 Lincoln Casino
Play Lincoln Casino
25 Manhattan Slots Casino
Play Manhattan Slots Casino
26 Aladdins Gold
No Limit
Play Aladdins Gold
27 CoolCat Casino
No Limit
Play CoolCat Casino
28 Buzzluck Casino
Play Buzzluck Casino
29 Club World Casino
Play Club World Casino
30 Casinomax Casino
Play Casinomax Casino
31 Cherry Jackpot Casino
Play Cherry Jackpot Casino
32 Roaring 21 Casino
Play Roaring 21 Casino
33 Supernova Casino
Play Supernova Casino
34 GoldenLion Casino
Play GoldenLion Casino
35 Eclipse Casino
Play Eclipse Casino
36 Freespin Casino
Play Freespin Casino
37 Cherry Gold Casino
Play Cherry Gold Casino
38 Exclusive Casino
Play Exclusive Casino
39 Two-Up Casino
Play Two-Up Casino
40 Domgame Casino
Play Domgame Casino
41 Slot Madness Casino
Play Slot Madness Casino
42 Captain Jack Casino
Play Captain Jack Casino
43 Dreams Casino
Play Dreams Casino
44 Club Player Casino
Play Club Player Casino
45 Prism Casino
Play Prism Casino
46 Ruby Slots Casino
Play Ruby Slots Casino
47 High Country Casino
Play High Country Casino

Comparison of Online Blackjack Real Money vs Free Blackjack


There are two kinds of free blackjack . The one type is online blackjack for fun which does not payout real money. The other kind of free blackjack is a blackjack game for free through free online blackjack casino bonuses  which pays out any wins in real money. What blackjack types should players go for? If you are still learning how to play blackjack like a pro then play blackjack online free no download. That way you can get familiar with online blackjack gambling  strategy, without losing any real money. If you would like to take your chance as a beginner and play for real cash, then take advantage of any of the online blackjack bonus offers that your chosen US casino avails to you.

Best Online Blackjack

Anything popular will always have copies, replications and variants of it. Online blackjack is no exception to that rule. Real money blackjack exists in many varieties. All have differences however they all maintain the basic premise of Blackjack which is that the hand you are dealt must not exceed the value of 21 (which is also why Blackjack is referred to as 21, especially in France). The bet is always against the dealer/house and not other players.

Real Money Online Blackjack

The standard version of the classic blackjack card game follows the follow these steps-

  • Two cards are dealt for the player and the dealer.
  • Both the player’s cards are exposed while only one of the dealer’s cards is exposed.
  • The hidden card is known as the hole card.

This is where the fun of the game is, player’s need to take a chance to bet on whether the dealer’s hand (including the hole card) values higher or less or equal to their own hand.

Pontoon Blackjack

In this variant of classic blackjack card game also called pontoon the best hand can only be an ace and a face card or a ten. The next best is one of two sets: a five-card trick which is five cards up to 21 or less and four cards totalling 21 or less.

Super Fun 21

In this Blackjack game of Super Fun 21 makes use of one, two or six decks of cards. Players win if they have a hand of six or more cards that value at 20 or less, only if they have not doubled. A five-hand card to the value of 21 pays 2:1.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Players  in Vegas Strip blackjack are trying to get a hand that is higher than the dealer’s without busting (i.e. without going over 21). Players can split and have up to four hands, but Aces cannot be split more than once. After splitting even if players have a 10-value card it is not considered a natural blackjack.


More of the Best Online Blackjack Games for Real Money

How to Play Blackjack for Beginners

  • The following is a brief description of  how to play  the standard real money online blackjack version. First the the player places his bet,
  • Then he gets two cards face up.
  • After that the dealer takes one card face up and the hole card face down.
  • Suppose his face up card is an ace or a 10-value card he checks for blackjack. In the event that he has a blackjack, the dealer wins and the game ends.
  • If not, the player makes his moves. In the case that he wants another card then he hits. Where he does not want another card he stands.

If, while hitting, his hand value goes over 21 then he loses immediately.

  • If the player stands then the dealer takes additional cards according to prescribed rules. The most common rule is that the dealer will keep hitting unless he has reached a hand value of 17 or more. If the dealer busts then the player wins. Otherwise the hands are compared to decide the winner.

Online Blackjack Gambling – Strategy

Using the optimum strategy when playing blackjack increase the chances of getting the average returns  higher than 99%. Making incorrect moves reduced the average return considerably. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reason out the correct strategy sitting at the online blackjack table. The optimum strategy is determined through computer simulation of countless deals. Land casino blackjack players have to memorize the complex strategy. Online casino  players can use a blackjack strategy card.

The blackjack strategy card is a matrix. The row headers are the different possible values of the player’s hands. The column headers are the different values of the dealer’s face up card. The intersections cover all possible situations you will face. Each intersection indicates the move that is optimum for that situation. Different variants of online blackjack will have different strategy cards. It is advised that you have the relevant one accessible while you play. Referring to it will maximize your win potential.

Is Online Blackjack Legal?

The most important question- Is online blackjack legal? Online blackjack is legal in the United States, however not all online gambling sites are legally operating. Which is why we have thoroughly vetted the online casinos we recommend and shortlist only lawful online gambling sites.


Can You Make Money Playing Blackjack Online?


The answer is yes.US blackjack casinos online mainly stock real money blackjack games.You can make money playing blackjack online if you follow the right strategy.Many US gamblers play online blackjack for real money competitively on a professional level.


Online blackjack casinos have a wide selection of blackjack games for real money available. US blackjack casinos online mainly stock real money blackjack games. Can you actually make money playing blackjack online? Many have made careers competitively playing blackjack games. Even if you’re not looking at competitively pursuing the casino game, you can make money playing blackjack online if you follow the right strategy. However, because a lot of people may at first be apprehensive about playing for real money online blackjack, there are blackjack free play variants at top American online casinos.

History of Online Blackjack Card Game


The modern game of blackjack originated from versions played in Europe in the seventeenth century that were called 21. The French brought it to the United States soon after the French Revolution. Today blackjack refers to a dealt hand that has an ace and a ten-value card. Skill contributes more to blackjack than to any other online casino game and this has attracted players who like a challenge and want to be in control of their gaming destiny to the extent possible.


Online Blackjack FAQs


Is online blackjack rigged?

  • Online blackjack at the top legal casinos is not and cannot be rigged because online sites make use of a random number generator which makes each result random and fair. Additionally, licenced casinos are regularly audited by authorities for fairness and honesty.

What is online blackjack?

  • Online blackjack is a casino card game where a player gets two cards face up and the dealer gets two with only one face up. The aim is for the player to have cards as close to the value or equal to 21. The player can request an additional card to get to the goal, but if their cards exceed 21  then they bust and lose. There’s more to the blackjack game, but those are the basics.

What is the best online blackjack site?

  • The best online blackjack site offers blackjack games for real money, a good selection of blackjack variations, and bonuses for  blackjack online games.

Can I play blackjack online for real money?

  • You can play blackjack online for real money at the top blackjack casinos in USA we recommend.

Is playing blackjack online worth it?

  • Playing blackjack online is worth is because you can make money playing online blackjack.

Can you count cards in online live blackjack?

  • Card counting is possible especially in a live single deck blackjack game however the practice is frowned upon.

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