Online Blackjack is another popular card game for real money at USA casino sites. The game is a fun and intense gambling game that balances skill and luck. Playing blackjack online for money is a rewarding experience. You get to play blackjack online for fun and still come out with real money in our account. The game has a simple goal to have a a hand as close to the value of 21 as possible but without exceeding it. There are a number of exciting bet options to keep the otherwise simple game riveting. If you’re looking to play blackjack online, we have the top US blackjack casino sites listed along with tips on how to play and win blackjack. Blackjack is a casino card game with a rich history. It balances the elements of chance and skill. The popularity of blackjack has flowed with ease into the online casino sphere. Online blackjack for real money is a sought-after casino game for many of our American readers. Gamblers have a number of questions about the blackjack card game. Is online blackjack legal? Can you play blackjack online for real money? and if you can, can you make money playing blackjack online? Which states is online gambling legal? Read on and get answers to all these questions.

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Online Blackjack Page Contents

Blackjack Online Free vs Online Blackjack Real Money

There are two kinds of free blackjack – blackjack online for fun which does not payout real money or a blackjack game for free (through free online blackjack bonuses or no deposit) which pays out any wins in real money. What blackjack types should players go for? If you are still learning how to play blackjack like a pro then play blackjack online free no download. That way you can get familiar with blackjack betting strategy, without losing any real money. If you would like to take your chance as a beginner and play for real cash, then take advantage of any of the online blackjack bonus offers that your chosen US casino avails to you.

Play Blackjack Online Games for Money

Anything popular will always have copies, replications and variants of it. Online blackjack is no exception to that rule. Real money blackjack exists in many varieties. All have differences however they all maintain the basic premise of Blackjack which is that the hand you are dealt must not exceed the value of 21 (which is also why Blackjack is referred to as 21, especially in France). The bet is always against the dealer/house and not other players.

Best Types of Blackjack Online for Money

  • Classic Blackjack – This version of blackjack is probably the original version of the classic casino card game. Two cards are dealt for the player and the dealer. Both the player’s cards are exposed while only one of the dealer’s cards is exposed, the hidden card is known as the hole card. This is where the fun of the game is, player’s need to take a chance to bet on whether the dealer’s hand (including the hole card) values higher or less or equal to their own hand.
  • Pontoon Blackjack – In this variant of classic blackjack carg game also called pon the best hand can only be an ace and a face card or a ten. The next best is one of two sets: a five-card trick which is five cards up to 21 or less and four cards totalling 21 or less.
  • Super Fun 21 – Super Fun 21 Blackjack makes use of one, two or six decks of cards. Players win if they have a hand of six or more cards that value at 20 or less, only if they have not doubled. A five-hand card to the value of 21 pays 2:1.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack – Players are trying to get a hand that is higher than the dealer’s without busting (i.e. without going over 21). Players can split and have up to four hands, but Aces cannot be split more than once. After splitting even if players have a 10-value card it is not considered a natural blackjack.

Play Blackjack Online For Fun

  • Live Dealer Casino Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
  • European Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Spanish 21

How to play blackjack for beginners

The following is a brief description of  how to play in the American blackjack version. After the player places his bet, he gets two cards face up. The dealer takes one card face up and the hole card face down. Suppose his face up card is an ace or a 10-value card he checks for blackjack. In the event that he has a blackjack, the dealer wins and the game ends. If not, the player makes his moves. In the case that he wants another card then he hits. Where he does not want another card he stands. If, while hitting, his hand value goes over 21 then he loses immediately.

If the player stands then the dealer takes additional cards according to prescribed rules. The most common rule is that the dealer will keep hitting unless he has reached a hand value of 17 or more. If the dealer busts then the player wins. Otherwise the hands are compared to decide the winner.

Blackjack Betting Strategy

Using the optimum strategy when playing blackjack increase the chances of getting the average returns  higher than 99%. Making incorrect moves reduced the average return considerably. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reason out the correct strategy sitting at the online blackjack table. The optimum strategy is determined through computer simulation of countless deals. Land casino blackjack players have to memorize the complex strategy. Online casino  players can use a blackjack strategy card.

The blackjack strategy card is a matrix. The row headers are the different possible values of the player’s hands. The column headers are the different values of the dealer’s face up card. The intersections cover all possible situations you will face. Each intersection indicates the move that is optimum for that situation. Different variants of online blackjack will have different strategy cards. It is advised that you have the relevant one accessible while you play. Referring to it will maximize your win potential.

Is it Legal to Play Blackjack Online for Money?

Before we dive into the details of online blackjack, the most important question- Is online blackjack legal? Online blackjack is legal in the United States, however not all online gambling sites are legally operating. Which is why we have thoroughly vetted the online casinos we recommend and shortlist only lawful online gambling sites.

Can You Make Money Playing Blackjack Online?

The answer is yes.US blackjack casinos online mainly stock real money blackjack games.You can make money playing blackjack online if you follow the right strategy.Many US gamblers play online blackjack for real money competitively on a professional level.

To answer the earlier posed question- Can you play blackjack online for real money? The answer is yes. Online blackjack casinos have a wide selection of blackjack games for real money available. US blackjack casinos online mainly stock real money blackjack games. Can you actually make money playing blackjack online? Many have made careers competitively playing blackjack games. Even if you’re not looking at competitively pursuing the casino game, you can make money playing blackjack online if you follow the right strategy. However, because a lot of people may at first be apprehensive about playing for real money online blackjack, there are blackjack free play variants at top American online casinos.

History of the Blackjack Card Game

The modern game of blackjack originated from versions played in Europe in the seventeenth century that were called 21. The French brought it to the United States soon after the French Revolution. Today blackjack refers to a dealt hand that has an ace and a ten-value card. Skill contributes more to blackjack than to any other online casino game and this has attracted players who like a challenge and want to be in control of their gaming destiny to the extent possible.

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