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Updated on: May 17th, 2022

Surrender in blackjack is the option to forfeit your hand lose half and save half your bet. The game of blackjack has several variations and this particular one is highly popular. In fact some may say surrender is not really a blackjack variation but rather a rule that exists in some blackjack tables.

Very few casinos in Las Vegas actually allow the surrender option. However, you will find the best online blackjack sites often have this variation. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the top online casinos with a range of blackjack games and variations.

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What is Surrender in Blackjack?

Surrender in blackjack is when a player folds and gives up half their bet when they feel they have a weak hand.  The surrender option serves to mitigate losses in blackjack. There are many questions about how the blackjack surrender rule works. Do casinos allow surrender in blackjack? Can you surrender in blackjack after hitting? When should you surrender in blackjack?

We will answer each of these questions and more in this guide to blackjack surrender.

Do Casinos Allow Surrender in Blackjack?

The quick answer is yes. Most casinos on the Las Vegas trips will allow surrender in blackjack but only on high limit tables and with a 6 to 8 deck shoe. What is no longer available at most casinos in Vegas is early surrender. The most common form of surrender allowed at various casinos is later surrender. However, some online blackjack sites seem to have early surrender options. Early surrender means you get to forfeit your hand before the dealer checks for a blackjack this gives a significant advantage and to the player. Lates the render is when you only for fit after the dinner checks for a blackjack and finds that they have none.

Can You Surrender in Blackjack After Hitting?

Blackjack surrender is only applicable right after you get your blackjack hand. Because of how the game of blackjack works especially where there’s a late surrender option it would give the player an unfair advantage to surrender after hitting. After you get your cards the payout is dependent on the dealer’s hand and your hand. Depending on the table rules the dealer maybe compelled to stand or hit. Once the dealer makes their play the game is over. And the dealer only makes their move after you make your move. Therefore, you cannot surrender after hitting in blackjack.

When Should You Surrender in Blackjack?

In the event that the dealer has an ace or a face card you should surrender if you have a hand value between 15 and 17. That is because the odds of the dealer having a better hand than yours are high. The dealer may possibly even have a blackjack or close.

Spume may advise against a surrender on a hand of 17 too. The reasoning for this logic is that the table already says that the dealer had to stand when you have a seventeen. If the dealer’s hand is a 17 too then it’s a push and no one loses. However, it’s a big risk to take because there’s only one evening where it works out in your favor and multiple others where it does not.

If you have a hand of 14 or less it would be advisable to hit and not surrender. You may even want to split and double down to spread your odds of winning.

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