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Can I Check If My Scratchcard Is A Winner Online?

How Do I Check My Lottery Scratch cards Online?

Can I check if my scratchcard is a winner online? Checking if your scratch card is a winning one online is a relatively new concept. However, the scratch card game itself is decades-old. Scratch cards have become very popular over the years. Way before online casinos in USA made their debut, many Americans played scratch […]

What Color Comes Up More in Roulette?

Most people believe that the color red appears most frequently on a roulette wheel. In other words, the ball lands in a red-colored pocket more than it does on the black or green-colored pockets. However, there is no definite way to confirm if this belief is true. You must remember that roulette is a casino […]

Is Sports Betting Legal in California?

Make Money Sports Betting

Legalized sports gambling in California is still a couple of years away. But to those in the betting community, the Golden State looks like a potential golden goose. Such is the power of California’s possible betting market. A website that analyzes legalized betting in the state, estimated could annually generate over $30 billion in bets. […]

How Likely Is It To Win Scratch Cards?

The odds of winning on a scratch card vary with each scratch card game and depending on where you are playing from. The basic principle of scratch cards is similar to how lotteries are played. However, there is a slight difference in that with each scratch ticket you purchase, and there’s an opportunity to win […]

Keno Numbers that Hit the Most

Winning Keno Numbers

If you’re an avid online gambler you’ve probably played the game of keno either through your state lottery or at an online casino. The number one question for most keno players is which keno numbers hit the most? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer for that question as it varies depending on where you play. […]

Is Video Poker A Game of Skill?

Video Poker Luck or Skills

Is video poker a game of skill? Yes and no. Leets explain what we mean. Video Poker is a gem that intersects poker and slot machines. Now in a poker game you have reels that have symbols on them. The reels spin Abd top arbitrarily. When they stop and line up, they form patterns that […]

Are There Any Same Day Withdrawal Online Casinos?

Same day withdrawal online casinos are sought after by many gamblers for their instant payout. There are several factors that influence how fast a payout you will get from an online casino. For instance, how you withdraw money from the online casino has a huge impact on how quick your payout will be. Players need […]

What States Allow Sports Betting?

List of states that allow sports betting

After the US Supreme Court’s ruling to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May 2018, a lot more states allow sports betting. In fact, there’s plenty more that began the process to legalize sports wagering in their region since then. At the time, only a handful of states had legal sports […]

California Tribes Hinge Hopes of Sports Betting on Governor Recall

California Tribes May Get Expanded Casinos if Governor Newsom Is Recalled

California lawmakers may rescind on their somewhat prohibitive gambling laws and we may see sports betting legalized in the state. As it stands California has tribal casinos, card rooms and the state lottery. In 2020 several of the state’s tribes had rallied together to push for the expansion of gambling to encompass sports betting and […]

Las Vegas Sands Pushes for Casino and Sports Betting in Texas

Las Vegas Pushes for Casinos in Texas

Las Vegas Sands has been pushing to get sports abetting and all-encompassing casino gaming in Texas. For years Texans have had to take drives to OK and Louisiana for some good old gambling. On the 14 of April 2021, the Texas House State Affairs Committee listened to testimony from proponents of the legalization of sports […]

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