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Updated on: May 17th, 2022

American Roulette is the variation of roulette with an additional 00 pocket on the wheel. Playing online gives players access to the best payouts. Moreover, you can play free American roulette for real money or as practice.  We have reviewed the best casino sites where you can get bonuses to use on real money American Roulette practice.

Find out what makes the American version of roulette different from the French and European variants. Also learn the American Roulette rules, table and wheel layout. Discover what the best bet and strategy for this online roulette game are.

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How to Play American Roulette

American roulette starts off with players placing their bets. They do so by placing the chips on the table on the section of the table that corresponds with the bet they have chosen. Each section on the table groups specific numbers together. For instance the first dozen groups numbers 1 to 12 and should the ball land on any of the numbers between 1 and 12 the player wins the bet.

American Roulette Bets

As with all roulette games there are two groups of bets, outside and inside bets. And in these groups there are more types of bets.

Inside Bets

Inside bets have varying payouts unlike outside bets which all pay even money.

  • Straight Up Bets – that is a bet on any individual number pocket including the zeros pays out 35 to 1
  • Corner Bets – bet on 4 numbers that converge at a corner on the table pays out 8 to 1
  • Split –  bets on 2 numbers next to each other either across or along the table pay out 17 to 1
  • Street – that is, a bet on three numbers that forma horizontal line on the table pays out 11 to 1
  • Five Bet –  bet on the combination of 0,00,1,2 and 3, it pays 6 to 1
  • Line Bet – also known as a six line bet is a wager on a two rows of three numbers and pays out 5 to 1

Outside Bets

Outside bets pay even money, 1:1.

  • Column – A bet on any single colum on the roulette table
  • Dozen – dozen bets are split into three types, first dozen which is 1  to 12 , second dozen 13 to 24 and third dozen 25 to 36.
  • Color Bet ( Red or Black)- bet on whether the wheel stops in a red or black pocket
  • Odd or Even – bet on whether the number will be odd or even
  • Low/High – betting on whether the result is a low or high number. Low numbers 1 to 18 high numbers 19 to 36

Difference Between American Roulette and European Roulette

The differences between French, European and American roulette is the extra double zero on the American wheel. Both French and European have just a single zero pocket. Because of the difference in wheels and some rules, the odds and house edge differ too. In turn, the potential payout is then affected depending on what game you play. The additional 00 pocket in American Roulette raises the house edge to 5.25% from the standard 2.70%. house edge.

Best American Roulette Strategy

Do you want to know what numbers hit the most in American Roulette? What is the best bet when you play roulette? You cannot simply rely on just the possible payouts because they come with a high risk. You need to have a strategy. How can you strategize for a game of chance you may wonder? There are some proven American Roulette strategies which have worked for many gamblers.

  • Wheel Clocking – with this strategy you can narrow down which numbers hit the most on the American Roulette wheel.
  • Martingale Strategy – this strategy uses a tactic of doubling your wager in the event of a loss and betting minimum wager when you win.
  • Fibonacci Strategy – this is a series of steps where the next bet is equal to the last two before it.

Play American Roulette Free

Of the three versions of roulette, is American Roulette the best variant for you? To answer this, you need to understand what makes this version different from the other roulette games. First and foremost is the American roulette wheel. The wheel determines the betting risks and the house edge of the game. How a casino player bets on French or European roulette is very different from American roulette simply beauty of the wheel. Playing Free American roulette is a good way to practice the game before playing for real money. Players can also get a special American Roulette bonus to play with and win real money. Making use of available free games and the bonuses is one way to help you win more money when gambling online.

American Roulette Wheel Layout

The American roulette has two zeros which is also why the game is sometimes called 00 roulette. The double zero greatly increases the house edge. The wheel has 38 pockets with numbers 1-36 and two zero pockets. One of the zero pockets have a double zero the ball pockets are red and black alternated, while both zero pockets are green.

American Roulette Wheel


American Roulette Table Layout

The American Roulette table is just a linear representation of the wheel. It also has the groups of bets you can wager. The numbers 0, 00 and 1 to 36 are lined up on the table into three equal columns of three numbers each. The other bets first to third dozen, 1-18, 19-36, even, odd, red and black are all sectioned on the table. When you have selected a bet, you place your chips in the corresponding section on the table. The payouts for the different column bets are also clearly displayed.


American Roulette Wheel and Table Layout




American Roulette Rules

The rules of the game are pretty simple as the game is not complex.

  • Bets are always placed first.
  • Place your chips on the table to indicate which bet you are choosing.
  • No late bets are allowed.
  • Call bets may be allowed depending on the casino you play at. Some regions may bar this as it is viewed as gambling on credit.
  • Announced bets are similar to call bets however the player in this case has chips on the table.

Online Roulette Bets

American roulette practice games are promoted to allow players to understand the rules of the game. Players have several options to place their bet besides placing it inside the pocket. Here are a few American roulette betting options:

  • First Dozen (1-12) Numbers
  • Second Dozen (13-24) Numbers
  • Third Dozen (25-36) Numbers
  • Betting on Numbers 1-18
  • Betting on Numbers 19-36
  • Even Numbers
  • Odd Numbers
  • Groupings (Neighbors, Orphans & Series)
  • Black Numbers
  • Red Numbers

Should You Play American Roulette Online?

If you are a fearless gambler then American Roulette is for you. It has a higher house edge, which oil turn off faint-hearted gamblers. However, a high house edge means a high house edge but it also means the potential reward is equally if not higher. Although American Roulette is a game of chance there are many ways to use strategies to help you.

American Roulette FAQs

How do you win on American roulette?

You win on American roulette by using the best strategy. American roulette has a high house edge because of the additional double zero slot. Therefore, your strategy needs to keep that in mind. Choose but with better odds instead of going for potentially high payout bet which has a higher risk all the time.

What is the best bet in roulette?

The best bet in roulette are even money but since they have better odds.

How do you not lose in roulette?

It’s a gambling game you can’t not lose. You can use strategies to help you win more than you lose but there is no way to guarantee that you will never lose.

How do you cheat on roulette?

You can cheat on roulette by using a magnet so that so that the ball lands in the pocket you want. However, if you do so be prepared to spend a long time in jail too.

How do you guarantee a win in roulette?

There are two ways you can guarantee a win in roulette one is by seeing into the future to see what numbers are going to hit. And the second way is by cheating. Now if you just want to play fair there is no way to guarantee a win in a gambling game. What you can do is use strategies that will help you to win more often than you lose.

Can you beat roulette?

If by beat you mean you winning more than you lose yes you can do that in American roulette. Using a formula such as the expected value you can where whether the bit that you are about to place will yield the profit you want.

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