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Updated on: March 16th, 2020

Bias in roulette wheels Biased roulette wheels are a phenomenon more common in land-based casinos. When a roulette wheel is biased it has numbers that are more likely to pop-up than others due to a fault of some sorts. The most common kinds of roulette wheel bias are pocket by is section and dynamic bias. In land-based casinos the most common cause for bias is due to wear and tear. For example, roulette wheels have a clear glue that covers each of the number pockets on a roulette wheel, now if that clear glue wears off the grooves become damaged and that affects how the ball lands or does not land in that particular pockets.

At online casinos that kind of roulette bias will not exist since results and where the ball lands is all-digital. The roulette will be simulated spinning on a computer and the results are generated by a random number generator. However, there are some instances where players insist that certain numbers have more of a likelihood of showing up even in an online roulette setting. We will explore how biased roulette wheels may affect gameplay in roulette. We have also compiled a list of top USA casinos with roulette games for real money.


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How to Use Roulette Wheel Odds in Your favour

In order to exploit roulette wheel bias, you need to understand what kind of bias you’re dealing with firstly. There are certain trends and patterns which players can use to spot what numbers keep appearing. So, in that sense the biased roulette wheel is not always a bad thing it can work in your favour to give you real money wins. Each kind of roulette wheel bias has its own characteristics and own advantages and disadvantages. Each kind of bias will also require you to have a different strategy in order to spot what the trend and pattern of numbers is good.

Roulette Wheel Bias

Roulette Wheel Clocking

When you try to pinpoint statistics of numbers which continually show up it is known as clocking.

There’s an easy way to spot trends and patterns of roulette results. If you are at a land-based casino with an electronic board which shows which numbers have been winning then the information is already there in front of you. You can take a sample of not less than 50 spins to see which numbers keep popping up. For good measure you can take as many as 100 numbers and see what the trend is. A casino with an electronic number board also works great especially if you’re trying to clock the results of more than one roulette wheel.

The hard way off studying trends of winning roulette wheel numbers would be manually keeping up with a pencil and notepad which numbers keep popping up and winning. With this kind of number clocking where there’s no electronic visual board available for you it may prove to be a challenge to clock more than 1 roulette wheel at once seeing as you may not be able to pay attention to both wheels and keep track of the winning numbers.

Casino Roulette Wheel Pocket Bias

Pocket roulette wheel bias can be caused by one of two things the Frets and the pockets surface.

The pocket separators unknown as frets.  Due to continual use in land-based casinos the fruits may become loose. This definitely affects how and where balls land.  When the frets are loosened, they may narrow one pocket and make one wider. In this case one pocket may not have enough space for the ball to land where is another will have a wider gap allowing the ball to settle be more often.

We previously mentioned that the roulette wheels pockets are covered in a clear glue which protects the surface period after a while this service may succumb to wear.  When this happens, it is said that the pockets surface is deadened. When the pocket surface is worn out it will not be as smooth as other pockets which will affect how the ball bounces in that pocket. A ball is more likely to bounce more on a smooth surface. Hence worn-out or deadened pockets have a better chance of having a ball landing in that pockets.

Sector Bias Roulette Odds

Sector bias on roulette will give advantage or disadvantage to not just a singular or few pockets but is section on the wheel. Usually sector bias is created when the wheel rotor is loose.  Once the rotor is loose when the world becomes once the rotor is loose then the wheel becomes wobbly and slants towards one side or another. Wherever the wheel is Leaning lower is where the ball is most likely to land good spot how the will is resting before the croupier spins the roulette wheel.

Dynamic Bias Roulette Odds

Dynamic bias is often not related to the wheel or sector or pocket. There are a variety of factors which could influence dynamic roulette bias there are a variety of factors which could influence dynamic roulette wheel bias.  Dynamic bias is often a short-lived trend.  It’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of dynamic wheel bias. Likely once you spot the pattern or trend in winning numbers caused by dynamic roulette will bias it may change afterwards since it’s influenced by multiple factors. And because you do not know what exactly is causing the bias it’s difficult to say when it will stop. Relying on dynamic bias that may lead to disappointment.

Can Roulette Wheel Bias Work for You?

In conclusion roulette wheel bias is most likely a phenomenon which will only experience at a land-based casino. In online casinos if there is any perceived form of bias it is most likely just dynamic or a lucky coincidence.  There is no way to alter or create bias in online relate. There for four players who do not want to leave their real money gambling two imperfect flaws which may alter their chance at winning Big playing online roulette is the way to go. Try out any of the online roulette sites which recommend to our US readers above.

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