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Updated on: July 13th, 2021

Mass LotteryMassachusetts lottery has been in existence since September of 1971. The MA lottery has one of the widest selections of lottery games in the USA. In addition to the standard lottery draw games that we are familiar with, there are keno games and multiple scratch tickets. Furthermore players in MA can enjoy multi-state major jackpot games like the Powerball or mega million. Moreover, there are additional exclusive games that are unique to the Massachusetts State Lottery. Find out more about the state lottery as we explore how to claim your prize draw times and the various games available.

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Massachusetts Lottery Games

The MA Lottery has multi-jurisdictional games such as the Powerball, Mega Millions and Lucky For Life.

  • Lucky4Life players stand a chance of winning $1,000 a day for life. Tickets start from $2 each and all prizes have to be claimed within a year after the draw date otherwise they are forfeited.
  • Pull Tabs the Massachusetts lottery also offers pull-tab games which can only be purchased at authorised lottery retailers. You must also claim your prize on the same day you buy the pull-tab ticket and at the same lottery retailer you bought the ticket from.
  • Ma lottery instant scratch tickets– players can enjoy scratch cards games from as little as $1 – $30. The instant scratchers have the widest range of prizes possible. There are games where players can win small prizes of a few hundred dollars and then games with up to $4 million . Some scratch card games will even when you prizes for life with one offering $200,0000 every year for life. This is one lucky for Life game for sure.

Mass Lottery Mega Millions

winning tickets maybe claimed by anyone in possession of the ticket therefore it is important to immediately sign your ticket in case you do win. Mega Millions tickets cost $2 each and in the event of a win you need to decide how you want to be paid either in a lump sum or as an annuity within 60 days of winning. Failure to do so will mean the prize is automatically paid out as an annuity.

Mass Lottery Powerball

tickets are $2 each and players need to decide how they want to be paid within 60 days after winning. If they do not do so the price will automatically be paid out as an annuity.

Mass State Lottery Keno

The Massachusetts Lottery keno game is one of the most popular game. Which is no surprise seeing as it offers players a million-dollar jackpot. Tickets please start from $1 each. Furthermore, there is a keno bonus which gives you an opportunity to multiply your keno winnings by 3 to 10 times!

Mass Lottery Numbers Game

The Mas lottery numbers game is a popular draw game on the MA lottery. Players can enjoy play from as little as 25 cents per ticket. The draw is twice daily with a potential payout of up to $5,000.

Massachusetts State Lottery

Mass Lottery App

The Mass Lottery App is available for both Android and iOS users. You can download the mobile lottery app on the respective app stores. Through the app you can gain entry into the state’s lottery VIP club. Create your outlook account on the official mass lottery site. On the red-carpet VIP club select the option become a member and create your account. As a VIP club member, you will get maa lottery results as they break. In addition to the latest results you will get alerts about promotions events and winners. You will also have an influence on how the lottery evolves as you will be given a chance to vote on polls about various aspects of the lottery. Moreover, you will get to access second chance draws via the internet on your app.

Mass Lottery Winning Numbers – How to Claim Your Prize?

For all prices of $600 or more up to $50000 you can claim those by mail. The process is to fill in a claims form and sign it. Send it through registered mail along with the original ticket and you must have signed the back of the ticket. Also send along a positive proof of ID that is your ID and a proof of your social security number to get your winnings paid out. Always make a copy of your signed ticket back and front as well as the claim form before you mail it.

If you are going to the lottery office in person go with your ticket and it must be signed along with proof of identification and social security number.

For any price is less than $600 this can be claimed at any authorised lottery retailer or office without proof of identification.

If you are claiming a price in person and it’s over $600 and up to 100000 that must be done at a lottery office not an authorised lottery retailer.

Mass Lottery FAQs

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in Mass?

The tax on Mass lottery winnings is 5%.

Which scratch ticket wins the most in MA?

The $30 Supreme Millions scratch card has the best odds of all the lottery games.

How do I check my Massachusetts lottery ticket?

Scan your tickets on the Mass Lottery App.

Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery in Massachusetts?

You can claim your prize using the name of the trust and the trustee can claim on your behalf while you remain anon.

Can you buy lottery tickets with a debit card in Massachusetts?

Since 2021 residents canbuy lottery using debit cards. Crefdit card purchases are still prohibited.

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