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Updated on: July 13th, 2021

Are you looking for the optimal strategy for pai gow poker? If you want to get the best pai gow poker payouts, you definitely need a good strategy. Whether you’re playing online or at a physical casino the basic principle of the strategy stays the same. Our expert players have tried out different strategies and we have followed a few that work. In the search for the most optimal pai gow poker strategy we had to consider what makes Pai Gow poker unique. Pai gow poker is a casino game with a loyal following.

What started off as a Chinese game became a hybrid mix of a Chinese domino gambling game mixed with an American favourite- poker. It merges two games so pai gow poker strategy is unique. In formulating the best pai gow poker strategy you need to understand how the game works. Additionally, you need to be aware of the house age to be able to make the right decisions. Furthermore, since there is no option to hit a deep understanding of bets odds and house age is extremely important.

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Pai Gow Poker Payouts Strategy

Pai gow poker payouts are dictated by the rank of your hand. You must be familiar with the poker hands hierarchy to set to hand in the most optimal way possible. Remember that a pile of poker hand is made up of seven cards and two hands where one hand is made up of five cards and the other is made up of a pair.

The most basic rule to remember in setting your cards is that if you have only a single pair rather go with your five-card hand to create a better overall hand. That is because your 5 card has the potential to form more winning combinations than is a single-pair.

Another way to get the best odds possible in pai gow poker is to play a bonus bet. Most poker games will allow you to place a side bet which will add on to the wins should they have a winning hand.

Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Pai Gow Poker House Edge

The house edge in any casino game is important in your strategy. This gives you a clear view of how much risk is in the game. As numbers go house edge is usually a low number which however greatly affects your odds. Setting your hands optimally boost your odds by 0.15% which doesn’t sound like a great deal. However, when you factor in the idea that the overall house edge of pai gow poker is just under 3% is 0.15% boost is a good advantage. You can also get past house age by how you bet. Certain bets have a greater risk well other bets with lower payouts will have better odds.


Pai Gow Poker Online Strategy Tips

A Pai Gow poker deck uses 53 cards that is the standard 52 cards plus a joker period the Joker is very important in this game because it is a wild card that is it can substitute for a missing card to form a winning combination. That is helpful in your strategy because you know to keep your Joker in your 5-card hand.

More strategy tips to boost your odds of winning in pai gow poker below:

Your odds of winning are boosted although slightly if you are banking as the player. Where there is a dealer who is not the player the odds of winning a slightly less.

Always keep a pair in your 5-card hand if you only have one pair

If you have three pairs keep the highest-ranked pair in the two-card hand. This may seem counter to what was said previously however you have multiple pairs remember so the other two pairs will be strong enough to form a good five-card combination well giving you the best 2 card hand possible. One high-ranking pair in a five-card hand does not have as much authority as a standalone high-ranking pair. In this way you create the best scenario possible way you have a really strong pair and a good 5 card hand.

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