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Updated on: March 6th, 2023

omaha-poker-usaOmaha Poker, sometimes referred to as Omaha holdem or just Omaha is a poker game closely related to Texas Holdem. In Omaha Poker, players get four hole cards. Out of those four hole cards, the player must combine two of them with three from the flop to make the best hand possible. The game is played with a 52-card deck. Although it is similar to Texas holdem, Omaha presents a unique set of challenges to players.

To excel at Omaha holdem, players need to understand the unique rules and betting structure for Omaha hold ’em. Omaha poker has a few variants of the main game, pot limit Omaha which has other variations itself and Omaha Hi-Lo amongst others.

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Omaha Poker Winning Hands

Omaha poker is a variant of poker therefore it follows the basic principle of the game. Each player gets their own individual cards and they also have to combine them with the community cards. Although the basis of the game is similar to the standard there are some differences in the rules of how the hands are made.

Each player gets not two but four hole cards in addition to the five community cards. To make a winning hand, players must use exactly two of their hole cards three of the community cards.

Whereas in Texas Hold’em you could use one of your hole cards if you so choose to make your winning hand. Omaha poker is unwavering in this rule, two hole cards plus three community cards  nothing more nothing less.

In other versions of Omaha like Hi-Lo Split 8 or better, players have to make two hands to win. One hand has to be a five card high  hand and the other must ace to five low hand which is 8-high or lower. The pot is split amongst the players with the two best hands. Therefore it is important to be familiar with your hand ranks from flush , straight, full house down to a pair.

How to Play Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is a game that involves anywhere between 2 to 10 players. A Dealer button is placed in front of the player who acts as the ‘dealer”. The players to the left of the dealer player then makes the first two compulsory small and big blind. The dealer position is rotated clockwise so that each player is the dealer at some point in the game. This is done for fairness because your position in relation to the dealer affects your gameplay.


Each player makes a bet before the flop is dealt. Some may decide to fold if the bet amount is raised too high and they feel their hand may not be strong enough. After the whole table has made a play either through a fold, raise or call the first three cards of the flop are placed on the table face up.

Omaha Strategy for Starting Hands

Omaha Poker has a unique strategy approach because of its four hole cards set up. From those hole cards you have to raise and bet according to what pair from those four cards will serve you best. Players are obliged to use exactly two cards from their hole cards which means there’s little wiggle room.

Your strategy in betting, calling and raising must be in accordance with how versatile the two cards you will be using to form your hands are. More so when you play variations of Omaha that require you to form two separate hands consisting of a single pair and a five card hand. Players must have good balance between the cards on the board and their hole cards

Another important factor in strategy is the size of the pot in relation to what type of game you play. When you play pot limit or omaha high low the strategy and size of the pot changes the way you play.

Omaha Poker Rules

  • After the blinds are posted, the four hole cards for each player are dealt
  • The player who bets first after the hole card is the one left of the big blind.
  • The betting continues clockwise until it lands up back at the small blind
  • If the small and big blind call at this point, they do not pay the full bet amount as, the bet they placed as a small and big blind is deducted from the previous raise
  • Betting Continues until all players have bet the same amounts
  • The flop of three cards are then dealt, then a new betting round begins.
  • The introduction of the flop allows for a move known as checking. When a player checks no new bet has been made and they do not raise call or fold hence they stay I the game without betting more.
  • Betting continues until all players still participating have bet the same amount. Once this happens the chips bet are added to the pot and a fourth card known as the turn is added to the flop
  • After the turn the minimum bet is double the previous minimum bet in the rounds before the turn was dealt.
  • Another round of betting ensues then the fifth card of the flop known as the river is dealt.
  • The fourth and final betting round follows after the river.
  • After the final betting round all players reveal their cards, the player with bets hand wins the pot. If there is more than one player with the same hand the pot is split amongst them.

Omaha Poker Games

The order of play in poker Omaha is standard throughout the variations of the game. Whether you play Omaha hi lo poker or another variation, the basic poker rules stay the same. The main change in the different poker Omaha variants is the number of hole cards.

Omaha hi-lo

Each player must make two separate hands to win. One hand must have high ranking cards from 8 or more going higher and the other low hand must have cards of value 8 or less. The pot is split between the player with the best high hand and the one with best low hand. This may at times be the same player.

Pot-limit Omaha

This version of the game has further variations which include five card Omaha, Couchervel and Six card Omaha. The Big O as five-card Omaha is sometimes referred to and Couchervel have five hole cards and players can only use two of those hole cards to form their winning hand. Six card Omaha is not as common either in land-based casinos or online.


Omaha Poker FAQs

What is the difference between Omaha and Texas Hold em?

The main difference between Omaha and Texas Holdem is the number of hole cards each player gets. In Omaha each player gets 4 hole cards while in Holdem each player gets just 2.

What is a good starting hand in Omaha?

The best starting hand in Omaha is a hand with double Aces or a pair of the same High cards. Better yet when you have four cards made up of a pair of Aces and a Pair of Kings, Jacks or Queens.

Why is it called Omaha poker?

The name Omaha poker was coined in Nevada, although why it was named that remains a mystery. Games like Texas Holdem were named after where they were invented.

Who wins when both have 2 pair?

Where more than one of the players have a 2 pair the fifth card known as the kicker determines the winner. The highest kicker wins.

Does a royal flush beat 4 aces?

Yes. A royal flush is an Ace high straight flush which is the best hand in poker.

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