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Updated on: August 10th, 2022

5 Card Draw IconWhen learning to play poker, the most straightforward game to start with is 5 card draw. Many players learn this game well before they enter a casino, and it’s for a good reason. In 5 card draw, you get all of the cards in the first round and bet from there.

Since it’s one of the earliest forms of poker on record, it’s also one of the most famous. However, it’s not a popular table game at land-based casinos. Luckily, there are plenty of games that follow 5 card draw rules online.

Getting a grasp on the rules should be quick, and five-card draw hands are the same as the stud formats. So, let’s get into how to play this online poker game.

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Basic 5 Card Draw Rules

To start, you’ll need to learn the basic 5 card draw rules.

  1. First, the blinds have to place their bets. The big blind is on the dealer’s left, and the small is next to that player.
  2. Then, the first round of bets is placed between the two starting bet amounts.
  3. You’ll receive five cards face down (or some up) before the next round.
  4. If more than one player remains in the round, the first draw takes place.
  5. Every active player needs to announce the cards they’re discarding and get new ones.
  6. If you don’t want to discard any cards, you need to “stand pat” for the round.
  7. When the drawing is done, you’ll need to place another bet.
  8. Next, the showdown will take place if more than one player is left.

Before drawing, think about what you’re holding. Consider making these moves:

  • With one pair – take three new cards.
  • Two pair – draw one card.
  • Three-of-a-kind – take two cards.

5 Card Draw Rules

Winning Five Card Draw Hands

In order of rank, here are the five card draw hands from the weakest up to the strongest:

  • High card
  • One pair
  • Two pair
  • Three-of-a-kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full house
  • Four-of-a-kind
  • Straight flush
  • Royal Flush

And the odds for getting a strong hand during the drawing:

  1. Royal flush: less than 0.001%
  2. Straight flush: less than 0.002%
  3. Four of a kind:02%
  4. Full house:14%
  5. Flush (mixed suit hand):20%
  6. Straight (mixed suit hand):39%
  7. Three of a kind:11%
  8. Two pair:75%
  9. One pair:30%
  10. No pair / High card:10%

5 Card Draw Games

5 Card Draw Games

When you’re looking for a game to play, there will be many options. So, we recommend playing them for free before staking any real money to get a good feel for the game.

Here are some popular five card draw games:

  • Fixed-limit – the bets are set at a specific amount, and you won’t be able to raise over it.
  • No-limit – as it says, there are no limitations on bets or the pot.
  • Pot-limit – all bets going into the pot are limited to a specific amount.

How to Play 5 Card Draw Poker for Beginners

Once you’re comfortable with the game and how it’s played, follow these steps to get ahead:

  1. Open the real money five-card draw game.
  2. Set your bets and make sure you’re not one of the blinds.
  3. Get your cards and check for any good combinations.
  4. Place your bets and let the round progress.
  5. Draw any new cards or stand pat.
  6. Then get ready for the showdown.

5-card draw poker FAQs

What are the rules for 5 Card Draw?

  • Bets are placed first
  • Dealer gives out the cards next
  • The first round of betting starts after cards are given
  • Players must announce which cards they are discarding and they’ll get the same number of cards as they have discarded

How do you deal a 5 card draw in poker?

Each player gets five cards face down afterwards the first betting round starts. Each player then either discards some cards and gets replacements or folds. Whatever number of cards you discard is the same number of cards you will get so that each player always has five cards in hand.

What is a five-card poker hand?

Straight Flush, Straight, Royal flush.

Does 5 of a kind beat a royal flush?

Yes, a five of a kind beats a royal flush if the five of a kind has cards of a higher rank


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