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Updated on: March 6th, 2023

Having the best three card poker strategy is crucial since the game has a very fast pace. Is there a strategy to 3 card poker? Fortunately for you, 3 card poker has a low house edge compared to other poker games. So, what can help you to come up with the most optimal strategy?

As with most card games, particularly poker, each strategy has to be suited to the nuances of the game. Although all poker variations have the same basic principle; the fast pace of this particular variation dictates that a slightly different strategy needs to be employed here.

Important in creating the best strategy is knowing three card poker rules, odds and hands. It is also key to take note of the unique ante, pair plus and ante bonus bets. If you incorporate all these principles into your strategy you will essentially have found a way of how to cheat three card poker. In case you already are familiar with the game and are confident in your skills, then by all means start playing and winning big at the casinos we have listed below.

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How to Cheat 3 Card Poker

In order to “cheat” three card poker you need to understand the fundamental differences and odds of the two main bets of the game. The ante bet has certain odds, payouts and risks attached to it. In like manner the pair plus bet also has different odds, rewards and risks attached to it.

Three card poker may require a strategy similar to card counting, especially if you are making the ante bet. Using the cards that are placed in front of you; you could use card counting strategies to postulate and estimate what’s the likelihood of that dealer having a hand bet than yours is.

3 Card Poker Strategy

3 Card Poker Strategy Pair Plus

The pair plus bet is a safer bet and it can have some really great rewards. This bet unlike the ante bet is solely focusing on what your hand will be. You are betting that you will have a pair or better. In betting on the pair plus bet you need to take into account what the odds of getting particular hands are.

Granted, there are 5 possible ways you can get a payout if you bet pair plus. However, there is no possible cushion against loss, as with the ante bonus. Therefore, it means even as the potential reward is great, if you realise that the hand you have been dealt is poor you have no recourse.

3 Card Poker Strategy Ante Bet

The ante bet depends on three things. By placing an ante bet you are hoping that your hand is better than the dealers. That is already a lot of risk you are taking on.

To win, your hand has to be better than the dealers

You can have a good hand and still lose your main bet

To get an ante bonus you will have to get three specific hands: a straight or three of a kind or a straight flush.  Without those three hands you will lose out completely.


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