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Updated on: March 6th, 2023

Well, the number of times that you can bet in Poker is dependent on the poker variation that you are playing. In most of the poker games, there are usually two or more betting rounds. The most basic poker game with only two betting rounds is Five Card Draw Poker. Essentially, you will place your ante before getting your cards. This will create the pot.

After that, you receive your five cards, and all face down. After you have seen your cards, the first betting round commences. Once that is done, there will be a drawing phase where you can discard cards and get new ones. This creates your final hand and leads you into the final betting round.

At this point, there’s a showdown then you will compare the remaining hands in the pot to see who wins the money. Again, depending on the poker game, the betting rounds will differ. For instances, Texas Holdem has four betting rounds, and Seven-card stud poker has five betting rounds.

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Order to Bet in Poker

Making bets in real money Poker generally happens clockwise. So, the player on the dealers left will act first. Should there be a player that folds, the action will move on to the next player. Bets in Poker where there are blinds, betting will start with the player on the left of the blind.

In regard to this, stud poker games work similarly. Betting starts with the player that has the strongest hand and action will continue clockwise. Should there be a bring-in, then the first round of betting will begin with the player obliged to stake the bring-in.

Betting Options in Poker

In addition to knowing how each betting round will work, you have to know the various betting option. There are only five betting options in any of the poker games that you will. The best part is that these betting options will not change.

Therefore, familiarise yourself with these betting option to make sure that you can make the right decisions every time. Here are the options:

  1. Check – You stay in hand without making a bet. This only works if someone else makes a bet.
  2. Fold – When you fold, you don’t have to put money into the pot. However, you lose the chance to continue in hand. Also, you will forfeit any money that you had already placed into the pot.
  3. Bet – You make a bet if you are on the left of eth dealer, or on the left of the last person who bet. Essentially you are the first person in that round to make a bet. After you place a bet, all other players will follow and either fold, call or raise.
  4. Call – another player will place a bet, and you’ve put the same amount of money into the pot. Therefore, you are staying in hand to see who will win unless you fold in the next round.
  5. Raise – With a raise, you are increasing the previous bet size. When it is that players turn again, they can choose to call your raise, fold or re-raise.

Forced Bets in Poker

While Poker is and a pretty straight forward game, there are some forced bets that you have to know about.

  • Ante
  • Blind

The ante is a bet you have to place before you can get your hand. It is a must to place an ante bet on each hand if the game has antes. The best size is relatively small when compared to other bets and raises. Also, the bet size is big enough to stop you from folding. Well, until you can get the best hand possible.

The Blind works similarly to the ante. However, with the blind, it rotates around the table. Therefore, you will only be required to place the bet when it is your turn.


Well, there you have it. This is everything you need to know about how to place a bet in Poker. Remember, understanding how betting works in the particular poker game you are playing will help you better understand the game.

We can not stress enough that before you play any real money games online, it is important that you understand all elements of the game. Once you have read through a few guides, play a few free games.

You can do this and more at the top USA casinos online that we have reviewed on our website.

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