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The sports-betting wave seems to have caught on to Nebraska as well. A new bill that has been filed by Justin Wayne Nebraska state senator seeks to expand the scope of the gambling laws in the state. This bill, if passed into law, will potentially legalize sports betting, fantasy sports betting, and poker. If this bill is successful, Nebraska state will be the 7th state in the USA to legalize online poker. This will effectively make the state one of the most permissive when it comes to gambling.

How will the sports betting bill change the current laws around betting on sports and playing games like Poker?

Nebraska’s New Sports Betting Bill

The Constitution of Nebraska disallows games of chance. The Games of Skill Act LB 990, that is the bill that senator Justin Wayne is filing will amend the constitution. Essentially making gambling and betting on sports both fantasy and real, legal. Find out what makes this bill so different from all other attempts to legalize Sports Betting and online Poker in the state.

Nebraska Seeks to Legalize Sports Betting

Basically, LB 990 changes how betting on fantasy sports and other sport is classified. The new bill primarily recognizes betting on sports, and playing online poker as a game of skill, not a chance. This will effectively legalize sports betting and online poker in the state.

US gamblers in Nebraska welcome this new change. However, it’s not all poker games that will be legal under this new bill. Only standard poker versions will be considered legal. The bill mentions explicitly draw poker games, for example, five-card draw Omaha poker and the famous Texas Holdem as the games that are regarded as games of skill. We do expect to see quite a bit of back-and-forth as Nebraska lawmakers vote on this new bill.

Potential Changes after the Bill Passes

As it stands, Nebraska does not have any commercial casinos, the only operational casinos are tribal. Supporters of the gambling bill are pushing for the legalization of commercial casinos in Nebraska as a way to retain revenue that they claim they lose to other States as Nebraskans cross the border to gamble in neighboring States.

We will keep you updated with the results of this new gambling bill that has been filed.

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