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What is the Difference Between Omaha And Texas Hold Em?

Like most poker games, Omaha poker is a variation of Texas Holdem. The card game played with a 52-card deck is even referred to as Omaha Hold’em. The difference between Omaha and Holdem is the number of hole cards each player gets and how they are supposed to use them.  Instead of two-hole cards, players […]

What Is Fixed-Limit Poker?

Fixed-limit, not to be mistaken with Pot-Limit, is a betting structure for poker games in which all wagers and raises have a fixed amount. Pot limit bets and raises can be increased continually as long as the amount you raise does not exceed the amount in the pot. In Fixed limit poker games bets and […]

What’s the Best Casino to Go to In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas popularly known as Sin City is home to the Las Vegas strip which boasts of hundreds of America’s best casinos. In fact, some of the world’s best casinos are in Las Vegas. People travel from all over the world to enjoy slots, table games and some good 5-star resorts in Las Vegas. With […]

How Do You Play Pot-Limit?

Pot Limit is a form of betting structure in some poker games. There are betting limits that where a minimum and maximum bet is set. All players are restricted to betting within that range. Yes, you can raise but only within the set betting range. The maximum bet size of the first bet after the […]

How To Find Slot Machines That Are Most Likely To Hit

How to Tell When a Slot Machine Will Hit

Slots are arguably the most popular gambling game. It’s no surprise since lots have a huge potential for life-changing payouts. A small bet could have you winning thousands of dollars in a jackpot. And to top it all off, you don’t need any skills to win or play slots. There’s a lot of talk about […]

Can I Check If My Scratchcard Is A Winner Online?

How Do I Check My Lottery Scratch cards Online?

Can I check if my scratchcard is a winner online? Checking if your scratch card is a winning one online is a relatively new concept. However, the scratch card game itself is decades-old. Scratch cards have become very popular over the years. Way before online casinos in USA made their debut, many Americans played scratch […]

Lucky South Carolina Man Wins the Lottery Twice!

South Carolina Man Wins the Lottery Twice

Lightning does not strike the same place but one lucky South Carolina man found himself winning two lottery prices in under 2 weeks. His first prize was on the 16th of July and his next mega jackpot was on the 27th of July. Both tickets were purchased at the same station. So maybe that station […]

Michigan Exceeds 2021 Online Gambling Tax Revenue Projections

It’s been 6 months since Michigan’s online casinos and online sports betting went live officially and the state is already reaping huge monetary rewards. The state tax revenue is almost at $90 million in just six months since online gambling was officially established in Michigan. This figure is expected to go up to $200 million […]

Texan Wins $1 Million in Arkansas Vaccine Lottery

Arkansas Vaccine Lottery Winner from Texas

A Texas man has won the first million dollars from the Arkansas vaccine lottery. The state of Arkansas like a few other States used the prospect of winning the lottery to give its residents a push to get the vaccine. How did the Texan man win the lottery? Let’s find out here. You too may […]

How Likely Is It To Win Scratch Cards?

The odds of winning on a scratch card vary with each scratch card game and depending on where you are playing from. The basic principle of scratch cards is similar to how lotteries are played. However, there is a slight difference in that with each scratch ticket you purchase, and there’s an opportunity to win […]

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