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Many people wonder if online slots remember you when you play at a gambling site. It may seem like a ridiculous question, while to others, it’s a very valid query. The fact is online slots do not remember you or what you want in a previous round. This is because online slots and slot machines, in general, make use of random number generator software.

Suppose you are familiar with how software and tech in general work. You know it’s some of the most infallible systems that we have available in the world. But if you do not trust tech at all and you and you are cynical about it, you probably shouldn’t be reading this because you’re on either a desktop or mobile device made by the very same tech pioneers that you do not trust.

Those of you who are truly curious about how online slots software operates will explain how slots can’t remember you or what you won.

Do Slot Machines Remember You?

Can Online Slots Remember You?

As we have said before, online slots cannot remember you or your previous wins. That is because online slots use random number generator software. So any spin of the reels is not influenced by any previous wins or wins.

Random number generator software arbitrarily creates results that are not based on any pattern. All spins and wins are unpredictable and are, for lack of a better word, controlled chaos.

Some people query if online slots can remember you because of IP addresses. Since online casinos can tell how many people have signed in from one IP address, it sounds plausible that online slots would be able to remember you. One important thing to note is that signing in and the software that the casino slots found on is different and independent.

Independent gambling authorities regularly audit the software on which online slots run. Moreover, you can be sure that online slots will not remember you or what you want or even read the results based on your previous place if you are playing at a fair online gambling site. You can try out any of the online casinos we recommend as they have been expertly reviewed for fair practices.

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