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When you think about a traditional slot machine and the symbols it displays you might visualize various fruit like cherries, watermelon, peaches, grapes, and bananas. But you may also visualize gold blocks, and the infamous BAR symbol.

The use of fruit symbols on a fruit slot machine isn’t very surprising, but it’s the BAR symbol that leaves many wondering – what does BAR mean on slot machines?

Well, we’ve been curious too, and so we did some research to find out exactly what this odd, but famous BAR symbol means, and how it came about.

Where BAR Originates From

We have reason to believe that the letters BAR printed on a bubblegum pack were the logo of a company that existed back in the early 1900s. But slot machines or one-arm bandits as they were called at the time, along with many other forms of gambling was frowned upon at the time.

BAR Slot Machines

But, an organization named the Mills Novelty Company thought about ways to destigmatize slot machines, by firstly making it a none cash payout game. Instead of winning real cash, players were given multi-flavored gum as payment for winning on a slot machine. This helped all slot machine operators stay clear from transgressing on the strict anti-gambling rules and laws of the time.

The flavor gum you received would depend on the type of matching fruit symbols you managed to land on the reels. The reward, being a gum pack with the letters BAR on it was the best prize you could get out of a slot machine which must be why the feature was so prominent on slot machines.

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Do BAR Slot Machines Still Exist?

The BAR symbol was and still is a common symbol found on traditional 3 reel slot machines today. But, while many players still enjoy traditional slot games that feature a BAR, the same people have come to appreciate how far slot machines have advanced in recent times.

Modern slot machines are played on 5×3 reels and offer many paylines. The kind of symbols found on an online slot today largely depends on the theme of the game. For example, if you are playing on a Marvel-themed slot machine you are most likely to find Marvel characters as symbols on the reels.

Well, there you have it. Slot machines have a very rich history indeed, and the BAR symbol plays a very notable role in that history. Remember to visit any of the casino sites that we recommend to start playing slots for real money, not just a pack of gum.

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