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Yes, there are various apps that you can download that will scan your ticket and let you know if you are the winner. What’s more, some states have dedicated lottery apps that you can use to scan your ticket.

When you scan your ticket, you will know how much you have won if you are a winner. You can also enter your ticket for the 2nd chance draws if you are eligible. You will also see the results and the jackpot amounts for the draw.

scan lottery ticket online

States with Lottery Apps

As we have mentioned, some states have lottery apps, and you can use them to scan your lottery ticket. You can download the apps on the App Store or Google Play.

Below we list the states that have an app:

  • California Lottery Official App: the 9.0 version and up is recommended for Apple users, while the 6.0 version and up is recommended for Android users. You will have to allow the app to use your mobile device camera when you download the app.
  • Texas Lottery® App: You can save the numbers from the tickets you have scanned on the app. The app will also update you on current jackpots. It also helps you find licensed retailers.
  • Michigan Lottery App: Android 5.0+ and Apple 12.4+ devices are compatible with the app. You can also buy lottery tickets for various games and watch keno drawings.
  • PA Lottery Official App: On the lottery website, you can submit your number to be sent a link to download the app. Or you can text APP to 66835, and the PA lottery will send you automated messages.
  • Georgia Lottery: Check your ticket and buy tickets for the various lottery games.
  • Official Virginia Lottery App:  you can scan your non-winning tickets to enter other promotions. Pick numbers on the app and get them printed at participating retailers using your digital payslip.
  • Arizona Lottery App: similar to the Virginia app, you can scan your non-winning tickets to enter them to running promotions.
  • Florida Lottery: scan your ticket barcode to determine if you are a winner or enter the second chance lottery.

Here is another list of states that have apps where you can scan your lottery tickets:

  • Ohio Lottery
  • North Carolina (NC)
  • Illinois Lottery
  • Washington Lottery
  • Colorado
  • NJ Lottery App

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