Are Online Casino Games Rigged?

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Any rigged games will only be offered by blacklisted and rogue websites that have pirated their library. Pirated games favor the house, have compromised random number generators, and lower than usual returns on bets.

It’s rare for casino games to be rigged online because of independent testing that all legitimate sites are subject to. These testers will check the games provided by casino software providers every three to six months and monitor their servers constantly.

Are Online Casino Games Rigged?

Rogue Online Casinos are Rigged: 5 Simple Tells

No casino games are rigged unless you’re played at a rogue online casino because reputable sites get audited regularly. If you’re unlucky enough to create an account at a rogue or blacklisted casino, we recommend cutting your losses and blocking any emails from it.

But if you’re at a trustworthy casino, you can check the most recent test done and whether the casino software provider has also been checked for fairness. All you need to do is look up the game studio and click the link to their third-party auditor.

If you notice a reputable software provider’s games (on a rogue site) that aren’t working the same as normal, these are usually pirated. But if you have the smallest suspicion, visit a site offering the game for free and compare both as follows:

  1. If the game is slow or freezing at certain points or the animations stop strangely;
  2. The soundtrack and sound effects should be delayed on the pirated version;
  3. Your payouts will be slashed on the pirated game;
  4. Some controls could be missing or shifted oddly, which is a hallmark of pirating;
  5. If the provider’s logo is missing from the game, close it immediately;

It will all seem like you have a slow internet connection or your computer is struggling, but you can watch both games to see if you’re right.

Finding Fair Games Online

So, how do you find games that aren’t rigged or stolen from the original creators? We have a few tips to help you get ahead:

  1. Look up how much is returned to players statistically with the average payback percentage. You should look for games with more than 90% in returns to get your money’s worth.
  2. If you’ve played slot machines frequently, you’ll know all about that elusive big win and how long it takes to achieve. We recommend reading slot reviews to find the best games and save your real money for those.
  3. If you’re a table game fan, look for the best possible house edge on a game and compare the paytables. You should always aim for full paytables over lower ones to get the best odds.
  4. When playing at the online casinos that we recommend, try to stick to the big providers like RealTime Gaming, Rival, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and Betsoft. These game studios offer the best odds and have the best test results from independent auditors.
  5. Stick to your strengths by focusing on games you enjoy and researching the best odds, payouts, and house edge. If you prefer video poker and slots, research those carefully instead of trying to get ahead with other offerings.

Are All Games Rigged?

As a casino review site, we can assure you that not all online gambling sites are rigged or operating suspiciously. That’s why we recommend reviewing potential casinos well before you sign up to improve your chance of winning.

In which case, we recommend looking past the casino bonus and games towards security, fairness, and overall reputation. Reading player reviews is especially helpful here, though watch out for the sour grapes (people who are upset).

While a losing streak might make you feel that all games are rigged when you play online, it’s not true. Still, you should do as much research as you can, including the online slots games, table games, video pokers, or others on offer.

After all, a few rolls of the dice, hands of cards, or spins on slot games should be enjoyable, not stressful.