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The odds of winning on a scratch card vary with each scratch card game and depending on where you are playing from. The basic principle of scratch cards is similar to how lotteries are played. However, there is a slight difference in that with each scratch ticket you purchase, and there’s an opportunity to win in contrast to a lottery where you need a combination of random numbers to win.

But if the scratch-off tickets are similar to lotteries, the odds can’t all that be great, can they? Well, scratch-off ticket odds are not absolute and rigid. Especially if you are playing through your state lottery, one ticket could have a range of prizes. Therefore, your odds will vary with each potential prize. The bigger the prize, the less favorable the odds are. Let’s explore in more detail what the odds of winning scratch cards are below.

What Are the Odds of Winning on A Scratch Card?

On average, your likelihood of winning a scratch card game statistically is about one in four or 3:1. What that means theoretically is, should you buy four scratch card tickets, at least one of those would be a winner. That is not to say every time you buy four scratch-off tickets, one of them will win. When we say one in four on average, it means overall when you look back at scratch games stats. There is one game for every three losing tickets.

Bear in mind that the one in four / 3:1 is the odds of winning the smallest possible prize. The bigger your prize, the lower your odds become.

For instance, a scratch card game from the Massachusetts Lottery with a top prize of $1000000 has an average 1 in 4.27 odds of winning. However, if you break it down and look at the different potential prizes, they have different odds for the minimum prize.

A $5 win has one in 10.7 odds of winning. While a $10 prize has 1 in 10 odds of winning, and you have 1 in 5760 odds of winning $1000. And this is on a ticket that cost $5.

Scratch Card Odds

None of these odds are absolute. They are simply probabilities and chances based on statistics. Remember, these are gambling games, and if they were absolute, it would not be taking a chance or a gamble.

When you play scratch cards online, you can check out your odds. Knowing the different odds and comparing with potential prizes and the ticket cost can help you budget your bankroll better and improve your chances of winning by buying better tickets.

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