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California’s card room operators are banding together to fight against the California Bureau of Gambling Control (BCG). The BCG recently drew up a draft which attempts to alter the laws governing how these card rooms are run. According to the draft that was released by the Bureau of Gambling Control in California the “player banked games” would be significantly altered in such a way which threatens the profits of these card rooms. How exactly is the revenue of these California card rooms going to be affected by the new proposed modifications of the laws governing California’s card rooms?  The proposed modification actually only modifies actual gameplay and not specific processes relating to the revenue off these card rooms.  So why are the card room operators opposing these modifications? Find out as we expand on the change in California is gambling industry.

California Bureau of Gambling Control Card Room Laws

As it stands right now in California card rooms, they have player-banked games in which one player is the designated banker. In this set up there is a rotation where one other players take up the position of the banker and take on losses and payout winnings to the rest of the table. However sometimes players refuse to assume the position of the banker in which case the game is paused for 2 minutes and resumed. In the new laws every player is mandated to actually take the position of the banker at each rotation. If a player declines then they are to be removed from the game and the table. The California Gaming Association which represents the 72 card rooms in the States worries that this law will kill the industry as it may turn away players who do not want to take up the position of the banker but will now be forced to with the new laws.

California Cardroom Law Change

The tribal casino operators in California may be watching this week in interest since earlier this year they were in a battle against the state and California card rooms. Earlier this year federally recognised tribes in the state of California who operate casinos were in the fight against the state for allowing poker card rooms to offer what they call House banked games.  The three tribes were suing because according to them permitting card rooms violates the laws governing Indian gaming in the state. In the state of California tribal casinos are granted exclusivity by the laws in the State.  This exclusive rights to the gambling market are being undercut by permitting these card rooms in California. The lawsuits against the state was dismissed.

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