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Maryland sports betting could soon be a reality. Maryland is the latest state in the USA to join the legal sports betting crusade. Just as 2019 ended senator Chris west filed a senate bill (SB 58), which is to be debated, and if all goes well, will go to a vote this year. The state of Maryland is pretty much permissive when it comes to gambling. Americans can enjoy all forms of gambling except online and sports betting. And if any of the other states that have recently legalized sports betting are anything to go by, it often follows that US online casino gambling rules are relaxed as well. Therefore US players in Maryland should keep close tabs on this senate bill 58. It seeks to legalize sports and could mean that they may soon be enjoying online casino games like others such as new jersey Nevada and others. Follow along with us as we unpack what the senate bill means for the state of Maryland.

Maryland Sports Betting Senate Bill 58

Although the Republican senator Chris West has filed the bill which seeks to legalize sports betting, they are the steps to be taken to legalize the bill entirely. Eat first has to be debated, and if it is successfully integrated, it goes to a vote in the next legislative session. Even with a successful majority in the Senate House, Maryland residents will still have to vote to enact the bill.

Maryland Sports Betting Bill

Just this past year in 2019, the Maryland legislature tried to circumvent the need for residents of Maryland to vote on the Sports Betting bill. They tried this by amending the statement that covers the state lottery do including sports gambling in that bill. That ploy fell face flat. However, it seems that there is hope for Mr West’s bill to be more successful than the last. We will be keeping close tabs on the story and any other developments related to it. For more us gambling news keep following our blogs.

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