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Is video poker a game of skill? Yes and no. Leets explain what we mean. Video Poker is a gem that intersects poker and slot machines. Now in a poker game you have reels that have symbols on them. The reels spin Abd top arbitrarily. When they stop and line up, they form patterns that may or may not pay out. The poker part of video poker come in the come form of the cards that re [place the traditional slot symbols on the reels. And unlike in slots, players can keep and discard cards as they wish.

Skill and Strategy in Video Poker

While the cards you get in video poker are just as random as the symbols in slot games, there is more control in video poker. When you spin the reels, after they stop you are presented with a rage of cards and you can keep or get rid of some or all the cards.

The skill in video poker comes in what cards you keep or get rid of. You have no control of the cards that will come next but if you have studied the game well you will know which hands have the best odds. Your poker skills will help you to choose the right cards to retain. If you have nor experience in playing poker then you will haphazardly approach this part of the game.

Video Poker Luck or Skills

How to Improve Your Skills in Video Poker

Improving your chances in video poker games comes down to knowing which parts of the game are chance and which rely on skill.

Your skill will help you to choose the right cards to keep.

To know which cards to keep you need to be aware of the winning hands and what the probability and odds of those hands are.

 Hands  Odds
Royal Flush 649,740 to 1
Straight Flush 72,193 to 1
Four of a Kind 4,165 to 1
Full House 694 to 1
Flush 509 to 1
Straight 255 to 1
Three of a kind 47 to 1
Two Pairs 21 to 1
Pair J, Q, K or A 7.69 to 1
Any Pair 2.37 to 1


Based on this chart it would be better to keep a pair rather than to discard in the hopes of making a flush because once you have a pair your closer to making a three of a kind hand.

So, in conclusion, is video poker a game of skill? Yes and no.

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