What Are Loose Slot Machines?

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Updated on: November 11th, 2022

Loose slots are slot machines believed to payout more than others. Is there a way to spot a loose slot machine? Before we even get to that, is there a way to verify that claim that loose slots exist without tampering, that is? Many seasoned gamblers swear by slot machines that are believed to be loose. If indeed a slot machine is loose and pays out more, we will explore those theories.

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How Do You Know If A Slot Machine Is Loose?

As it stands, online slots cannot ipso facto be loose since they utilize a computer program random number generator for all its outcomes. Does that mean that you cannot find the best-paying slots online? No! You have a better chance of regular and high payout slot machines when you gamble online. Read on more as we unpack what loose slot gaming online and at land-based Casinos.

Loose Slot Machines

What Are Loose and Tight Slot Machines?

By definition, a loose slot machine is simply a slot game that pays out more than other slots. The phenomenon of loose slots is somewhat a subject of great debate amongst gamblers. This is mostly because of how different people explain loose slots. We describe a loose slot machine as a machine that pays out more than other slots. This is not to say that one slot has a mere tendency or, by some sheer luck, pays out more often than another slot machine. The “looseness” of a slot machine depends on the player’s perspective, especially at land-based casinos. So how does one find the perfect slot machine with the right looseness so-to-speak? There’s an easy way to find slot machines that are losing pay us the best online casinos. We will also walk you through how players Sport or define a slot in a brick-and-mortar casino.

 Finding A New Slot Machine at Online Casino Sites

Based on our definition of a loose slot machine, there are three easy steps to find and start new slots in online casinos. Remember that a loose slot pays out the most. So, if you are looking for such slots, you need to ask yourself how to find a slot game that pays out well. There are five easy steps to this

  1. Find a slot site that is safe, legal license, and accepts US players
  2. From those safe sites, look out for the sites with the best casino slot developers
  3. Make use of the slot bonuses provided at these sites
  4. Practice the slot game on demo mode to see if it does payout well and regularly before trying out for real money.
  5. Make sure to pick slots with a high RTP.

Players must always note that online slots are completely random, and there is no way to time when a slot will pay out next. Most players want to believe that if they are on a winning streak, it will continue, which is not necessarily true. There are strategies to help you get the best odds when you play slots online.

How To Spot a Loose Slot at A Land Based Casino?

Players at land-based casinos are a bit more on the superstitious side. Some players swear that slot machines located in the aisles or near table games pay more than others. There is no actual evidence that slots at the entrance or at any other specific location pay more than others.

As we may have alluded to earlier, the loose ness or tightness of a slot may just be a matter of perspective. It must be noted in the same way players can adjust the amount they pay on slots per reel and control their spend on slots, land-based casinos have slots which are played with lower amounts and more expensive slots.

For instance, a player getting a 90+ % payout on a nickel operated slot machine would consider that slot loose. Whereas a player who would have used a dollar operated slot machine would consider that machine tight and not a good return.

The process remains pretty much the same at brick-and-mortar casinos, to find a loose slot machine, look for slot machines by reputed developers. Use smaller denominations to see what the payout is like before spending a lot on a slot before you see that it is indeed loose. Some have resorted to tampering with slot machines in a bid to get payouts. We do not condone such low-handed tactics and they will definitely get you in trouble with the law.

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