California Tribes Hinge Hopes of Sports Betting on Governor Recall

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California lawmakers may rescind on their somewhat prohibitive gambling laws and we may see sports betting legalized in the state. As it stands California has tribal casinos, card rooms and the state lottery. In 2020 several of the state’s tribes had rallied together to push for the expansion of gambling to encompass sports betting and online gambling operators from the state.

However due to the logistical nightmares posed by covid-19 regulations there was a major delay in putting the bill before the house. Therefore, what could have been voted on in the November 2020 ballot was then delayed to the 2022 ballot. What has changed since then? Why the sudden optimism? let’s find out now.

California Tribes May Get Expanded Casinos if Governor Newsom Is Recalled

The Road to Legalizing Sports Betting in California

Last year in 2020 an alliance of Californian federally recognized tribes came together to push for the legalization of in-person sports betting at the 69 native American casinos in the state. Due to covid 19 restrictions the vote was delayed from a November 2020 ballot to the year 2022.

In what seems a bit of a hail Mary the native American tribes are hinging their hopes on the recall of Gavin newsom. California governor is in the process of a possible recall and that means his position would be up for a vote in the November 2021 ballot. Based on this technicality the proponents of sports betting legalization are hoping to have their bill on that ballot as well. Like we said hail Mary but hope springs eternal. The tribes are in the process of collecting signatures to advance sports betting agenda.

Other stakeholders in professional sports teams across the state are also pushing for mobile sports betting. You would expect the federally recognized tribes while reading operating casinos in the state to welcome this support but they do not. Their fear is that these commercial sports betting locations will affect their market share of the gambling industry in the state. The commercial sports-betting proponents are not letting anything slow them down and have been encouraged by the success that their counterparts in Arizona recently achieved. Arizona recently just authorized mobile wagering and in-person sports betting at various locations.


Will the Move to Get Sports Betting Legalized in California Be Successful?

The federally recognized tribes in California do I have good odds to be successful in their push for expanded gambling in the state. However, the legalization of commercial casinos and mobile wagering looks less likely to be successful. Therefore, there may not have to worry about the competition from potential commercial gambling locations popping up for a while. We will be keeping all our readers updated with any other developments in the California gambling industry. If you’d like to know more about gambling in the state go to our California casinos and gambling guide for more information.

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