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Updated on: March 10th, 2022

Gambling in Vermont is severely restricted. The only form of gambling available in Vermont is the state lottery. Which for one of the smallest populations in USA, is a lot considering that Utah a much bigger state has no gambling at all.  Instant racing terminals are legal but non-operational. There are virtually no casinos in Vermont. Vermont residents would have to go to some of the biggest casino towns surrounding them such as New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The state does allow gambling for charity purposes. If you are curious about how gambling in Vermont is, then keep reading as we expand more on the laws around casinos and gambling in Vermont.

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Is Gambling Legal in Vermont

Commercial gambling is legal in Vermont. The only allowed kind of gambling in the state is for charity. They are gambling laws but these exist only to govern charitable gambling. Non-profit organizations are allowed to hold ruffles bingo games card games and what are known as break open tickets to raise funds for religious civic education or any other charitable reasons.

Is There Gambling in Vermont?

There is gambling in Vermont but only for charitable purposes only bona fide non-profit organizations are allowed to hold any bingo games rifles or any other games of chance to raise funds for charity. Such non-profit organizations are those that are exempt from tax under federal law. These include churches school’s government departments such as fire departments when his policies and other such like organizations. Not only that such organizations need to have at least conducted charity activities for at least a year before holding any games of chance to raise funds.

Vermont Gambling Laws

The law in the state of Vermont is also very clear and strict on what kind of gambling games are allowed at these charity events. Only ruffles card games bingo and pay parking tickets may be operated. Any slot machine games or electronic pull-tabs are strictly prohibited. They are also laws governing what kind of prizes can be handed out at these charitable gambling events.

As a measure to curb problem gambling there are limits on the price values. For instance, prices per game unlimited to a maximum of $400. However only one game may have a price exceeding that of $1000. Charitable gambling events may offer a $5000 prize only once a month. If a price exceeds that value it should not be mandatory. The maximum value for non-monetary prices is $50000 that is a person me when a car or anything else as long as it does not exceed the value of 50000 dollars and that can only be done once a year. The exceptions on price limits are availed to charity organizations for only four days in a year period and there has to be a 20-day gap between the last price exception and the next. All in all, prizes awarded must not exceed $50000.


Legal Gambling in Vermont

The following charitable gambling is allowed:

  • Bingo
  • Lottery
  • Raffles
  • Casino Nights

Non-profit organizations are allowed to hold casino nights, Bingo, lottery and raffle. However, such events may not be held more than twice a week. Moreover, one location may not be used twice in the same week for a gambling winter. There is however an exception and if needs be charitable organizations are allowed to conduct such games 3 days in a row but only twice a year as long as they have left at least a 3 months or 90 days gap between these consecutive Day events.

However, two charitable events may happen concurrently as long as the non-profit organization was existence on the 1st of January 1994.

Casino nights can only be held once per month and any location owned by a charity organization can only host such events twice a month. There also has to be a 10 day gap between each event. Any other location can only host one casino night event a month.

Agricultural fairs may only pay for two days in a week. There are also limited to 12 consecutive days once per year.


Traditional Casino Gambling in Vermont

Residents of Vermont who’d like to enjoy a regular casino gaming would have to visit the biggest casino towns surrounding the state. Luckily all the states surrounding Vermont have more options for casino gaming. States that include New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts and Maine. Below is a brief overview of what each of these surrounding States allows in terms of casino gambling.

New York

  • State Lottery
  • Single Game Sports Betting
  • Tribal Casinos
  • Commercial Casinos


  • State Lottery
  • Online Lottery
  • Tribal Casinos
  • Commercial Casinos
  • Sports Betting


  • State Lottery
  • Tribal Casinos
  • Commercial Casinos

Rhode Island

  • State Lottery
  • Online Lottery

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