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Updated on: March 10th, 2022

New Hampshire offers limited casino gambling to it’s residents. On the surface one would think there is no gambling in New Hampshire. There are no traditional casinos but that is not to say you cannot gamble in the state. Quite the contrary, gamblers can enjoy a selection of gambling games including poker provided they are conducted lawfully. The laws around gambling in New Hampshire are very clear and detailed. If you are curious about what kind of gambling is available in the state of New Hampshire follow along as we expand on the subject.

We have also compiled a list of the best online casinos for US gamblers.

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Gambling in New Hampshire

Permitted forms of gambling in New Hampshire:

State Lottery

Sports Betting
Online Lottery
Charitable Gambling
Horse and Greyhound race betting
Allowed games of chance

*Charitable gambling games are bound by law and bets and prizes have stipulated limits.

Slot Machines and electronic pull tabs and VLTs are illegal in the state.

New Hampshire Casinos and Gambling Laws

Horse Racing and Greyhound

Fortunately, Horse racing and greyhound betting is legal in New Hampshire. The race betting industry is overseen by the state lottery. In fact, one must apply for a horse and race track operation licence for the state lottery. Racinos are also allowed to conduct instant race terminals

Horse and dog races may even be simulcast for conduct off track betting. Those holding licences for simulcasting such events are required by law to hoist at least 50 live simulcasts. Raxing bet prize pools are parimutuel, meaning the prize is made from the tickets sold and not with additional funds from the organizers of the race.

The state’s lawmakers are very strict about how horse race betting is conducted. There are clear laws about what is and is not permitted in the horse and hound racing.

Charitable Gambling

Charitable Gambling events are allowed a wide range of games to play. Slot machines and electronic video lottery terminals are not permitted. Anyone who wants to qualify for a gambling licence for charity must have been in an existence for a required period. People may not set up no profit organizations just for the sake of hosting gambling games. Doing so is illegal and a felony. No card games at a charity fundraise may have wagers greater than $10. Any other game of chance may not have a wager exceeding $4.

Riverboat Casinos and Cruises

Most coastal states with restrictive gambling laws as New Hampshire’s rely on riverboat casinos and casino cruises as a way to circumvent any land bases casino ban. Unfortunately, the law in New Hampshire is very clear and does not permit any casino cruises whether docked or sailing on New Hampshire waters to operate casino games on board. A riverboat casino cruise would have to sail away from NH waters to lawfully conduct riverboat casino games.

Sports Betting in New Hampshire

Sports Betting is a new addition to New Hampshire’s gambling scene. After a long back and forth between lawmakers and the proponents of sports betting, it was finally legalized in 2019. DraftKings has a full operation allowing gamblers access to a range of sports to bet on. Unlike casino games bettors can be 18 to bet.

New Hampshire Gambling FAQs

Does New Hampshire have casinos?

New Hampshire has racinos that offer a limited range of gambling games

How do you gamble in NH?

You can gamble at horse race tracks, state lottery and sports betting.

Can you bet on DraftKings in New Hampshire?

Yes, Sports betting is legal in New Hampshire and DraftKings accepts bettors from New Hampshire

How old do you have to be to go to a casino in New Hampshire?

You have to be 21 years old to gamble in casinos in New Hampshire and 18 years old for bingo games and lottery.

Is online poker legal in NH?

There is no statute that outright outlaws or regulates online poker in New Hampshire.

Can you use FanDuel sportsbook in New Hampshire?

Yes you can bet on Fan Duel in New Hampshire.

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