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Updated on: March 3rd, 2022

Casinos in AlabamaThere are minimal casinos in Alabama, as the state is a conservative gambling state. The casinos in the Yellowhammer state are not as extravagant as casinos in popular gambling states. Players will find that that state offers basic gambling options. The gambling laws in the state are stringent, and there has been little change done do the laws or the legislative ban on gambling in Alabama. There are other American states with casinos and less restricted laws, one of them being Mississippi which borders Alabama.

Casinos in Alabama are not only built structures. Gambling venues in Alabama include restaurants as well as resort style venues that have designated gambling areas. Apart from the gambling laws and top gambling spots, there is a lot to be learned about casinos in Alabama. For starters, the casinos in Alabama are located near some of the greatest attractions in the state.

The casino in Montgomery is located near the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art. The capital city only has one casino. The most popular city of the state, Birmingham, does not have a casino of its own the nearest casino on the city is located in Wetumpka which is only an hour away. Before heading down to the Yellowhammer state, have a look at our guide for safe gambling in casinos in Alabama.

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Alabama Casinos & Gambling

Smoking Ban: There is no smoking ban in Alabama

Casino Regulatory Body: Alabama Department of Revenue

Alabama Legal Gambling Age: 21 for casinos and 18 for lottery and racing

Alabama Online Gaming: Horseracing

Gambling in Alabama

Live Gambling in Alabama

There are only three types of live gambling forms that can be found in casinos in Alabama. Greyhound racing is the oldest live gambling form in the state dating back to 1901. At one stage, there were four greyhound tracks in the state. The second live gambling form is horse racing. In the early 2000s, video bingo made its way into casinos in Alabama. The gambling was permitted as operators cited the legalization of auto-daubing. This meant that a machine is able to cover the numbers called. Essentially this meant that bingo was being displayed in a slot format.

Gambling Laws in Alabama

The gambling laws in Alabama do not permit any table games. As per the Alabama gambling history in 1901, the state defined gambling as “any game of financial gain that implies an element of chance.” This particular definition has been the reason behind the outlaw of popular casino games.  The only games that are allowed in the state include dog racing as well l as horse racing. These two gambling options are allowed in the state as they fall under the category of games of skills rather than games of chance.
The other gambling options that are available in the state include raffle games as well as bingo games. These two games fall under charitable gaming which is permitted in the state. However, charitable gaming in the state has to abide by the specific condition set out by lawmakers. Gambling laws in Alabama have some of the harshest penalties, which some penalties included jail time.

Games Offered in Alabama

Casinos in Alabama have a combined total of 10 000 slot machines as well as 15 gaming tables. There are two race tracks where all the Pari-mutuel betting takes place.

  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Charitable Bingo

Online Gambling in Alabama

Gambling online in Alabama is considered illegal. Lawmakers revert back to the gambling definition as a way to outlaw web-based gambling. The law currently does not ban players from playing online at regulated casino sites from other states. As it stands, no one has been charged online gambling. Lawmakers in the state are more concerned with dealing with illegal gambling rings rather than those taking part in their favorite casino games at regulated web-based casinos that accept US players from Alabama.

History of Alabama Gambling

As we had mentioned before, Alabama is a rather conservative gambling state. Gambling in the state was officially outlawed in 1901. In 1971 lawmakers dubbed pari-mutual betting on horses and greyhounds legal in the state. The decision was based on a ruling with included voters. The voters hailed from cities that had a least 300 000 inhabitants. In the same year, the Alabama Racing Commission was also created.

In 1980 the Alabama constitution was amended to include charity gambling as legal in the state. This particular ruling was also as per the decision of the voters in the state. A few years later, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 was signed at a federal level. This allowed native tribes an influence in carving out gambling exclusions. This led to the Poarch Band of Creek Indians owning three casinos in Alabama.

Alabama’s charitable gaming law was passed in 1993. This led to half of the counties in Alabama offering bingo as per a local referendum.

Top casino in Alabama

There may be only three land-based casinos in Alabama; however, there is another gambling form player ought to know about. Carnival fantasy casino is a cruise ship that offers a number of gambling options in its casino. The ship departs from Mobile, Alabama, and makes its way to the Caribbean as well as the Panama canal. Guests can expect to find table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, and dice.

Casino Games Amenities
Wind Creek Casino Wetumpka 2500 Slot machines Hotel
Live Entertainment
Wind Creek Casino Montgomery 2200 Hotel
Wind Creek Casino Atmore 1700 slots Hotel
Victoryland Casino Shorter 3200 Slot Machines Hotel

Alabama Gambling FAQs

What cities in Alabama have casinos?

The casinos in Alabama are located in the following cities Wetumpka, Montgomery, Atmore and Shorter.

How many casinos are in Alabama?

There are four tribal casinos in Alabama.

Are casinos in Alabama open?

The casinos in Alabama reopened on the 8th of June 2020 after shutting down for 2 months because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Is it legal to gamble in Alabama?

Yes, it is legal to gamble in Alabama but only at licenced casinos.

Can you smoke at Wind Creek casino?

Since reopening, amid health concerns, smoking is no longer permitted at Wind Creek casino on the casino floor or in public shared spaces or bathrooms.

Is there a casino in Huntsville Alabama?

There is no casino in Huntsville or nearby. All the casinos in the state are in Montgomery, Shorter, Atmore and Wetumpka.

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