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Updated on: March 3rd, 2022

Can you believe that there are no casinos in Hawaii? It’s true, the state does not permit any type of gambling. Another state that does not allow gambling is Utah. USA players shouldn’t think about bingo because it doesn’t exist, not even for charity events. Although the state does not have any casinos it’s great for tourist attraction. Las Vegas and other states offer gambling and are ideal vacation destination locations but Hawaii is not interested in such activities. It’s safe to say that most tourists don’t visit the state with the idea of gambling.

The closest casinos that gamblers can get in the state are event platforms and casino parties. Casino games are allowed but citizens or tourists can’t bet real money. The state does not permit casino cruise ships. This is despite the fact that other states without gambling accept cruise ships. So, players who want to gamble need to go to other places for such. With that said, US online casino sites are available for players who like exploring games. Let’s take a look below.

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Hawaii Online Gambling

Hawaii does not allow any type of gambling, online casino games are no exception. It’s no surprise that daily fantasy sports is also prohibited. Doug Chin, who is the attorney general, stated in 2016 that daily fantasy sports was against the law. DraftKings and FanDuel were called to order by Keith Kaneshiro and need to stop taking bets from Oahu residents.

Casinos in Hawaii

Forms of Live Gambling in Hawaii

As we already said, gambling is not legal in the state. Playing poker games at home and at bars is allowed provided that no money is spent. Actually, those who come to the state are there to relax and enjoy the scenery. Hawaii couldn’t care less about gambling being offered in other states.

Gambling Laws in Hawaii

The laws of gambling in Hawaii are very strict with no room for the legalization of gambling in the state. Anyone who encourages gambling or has a record in the state will be committing Class C felonies. Gambling in the state is recognized as someone taking a risk on a game of chance. Least to say the cruise ships must not enter the waters of the island.

Gambling History of Hawaii

Most people in the state don’t like gambling. Hawaii is more about family. The state was built in 1959. Horse racing was accepted in the state in the late 1800s to the beginning of the 1900s. In the 1950s the state stopped this form of gambling.

Since then gambling in the state has been considered illegal. The gambling laws of the state remain unshaken. Hawaii is not threatened whatsoever by other states who regulate gambling.

FAQs About Gambling and Casinos in Hawaii

Are there casinos in Hawaii?

No. Casinos in Hawaii are prohibited because of the harsh gambling laws that exist.

Does Hawaii allow some form of legal gambling?

No. There is no gambling that is legal in the state. Hawaii and Utah are two states that do not allow gambling.

Can you get a lottery in Hawaii?

No. You won’t see any lotteries in Hawaii.

Will you see casino cruise ships in Hawaii?

No. Casino cruise ships that allow gambling are illegal. Ships that are there for the time being in the state can offer gambling.

Is daily fantasy sports permitted in Hawaii?

No. Daily fantasy sports is not allowed in Hawaii.

Why is gambling prohibited in Hawaii?

Gambling in Hawaii is illegal. This is how the state tries to protect people from gambling harm. Most people that come to Hawaii are there to have a good time. The money that residents and tourists spend on services provided by the state goes back to the economy of the state.

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