Playing baccarat is very simple. The object of baccarat is to have a hand that is closest to 9 as possible. Players have to bet on three outcomes if they are playing the classic version of baccarat. US baccarat casinos offer the Punto Banco in which players have to bet on whether the hand they have is the winning hand, if the dealer is winning or if it’s a tie.

Of course, Baccarat is not a one trick pony, there are variants of the casino card game that the best baccarat casinos have on offer to cater to all US players. This section answers your questions related to learning how to play baccarat. We have put together a simple baccarat how to play guide, with the rules of baccarat explained, odds of winning baccarat and strategies players can use to win at baccarat. We have also put together a concise glossary of baccarat terms. Below is a list of top Baccarat USA casinos.

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Baccarat How to Play Guide

Before we dive into the black and white of the rules of baccarat and how to play the game, lets get into what makes James Bond’s casino card game such a popular game. The game of Baccarat only ever has two hands, the banker’s hand which is the casino’s hand and the hand designated to the players. There are no individual hands allocated to each player. Players are simply betting on the outcome of the cards dealt. The hand that wins has a value total of Nine or Eight. In our bid to help US gamblers to learn how to play Baccarat we have compiled a short list of the basic rules of baccarat, the odds and what kind of bets players can wager. Additionally, we have the odds of payouts for each of the different bets.

Online Baccarat Rules

Our baccarat How to play Guide will start firstly with the rules of Baccarat. As we have previously mentioned a winning hand is at a value of Eight or nine. If that value is not reached by the banker or player then another card is dealt to both sides.

  1. Wagers are placed before the cards are dealt.
  2. The winning hand is a natural 9 or a Natural 8
  3. If both player and banker have hands that exceed 9 third cards are dealt.

The Banker and player(s) each get two cards face up. if both hands exceed nine, they assume the value of the second digit (since the hand value will be a double digit) e.g.  7 + 3 = 10 therefore = 0 and 9 + 5 = 14 therefore = 4. In the event that there is a hand that gets two face cards i.e. a K; Q; J the same rules apply.

  1. If a player’s cards are less than the value of 5, they are dealt another card.
  2. The banker is not forced to draw another card (HIT) if his cards are less than the value five. The banker is only forced to hit when his hand is at two or less.

What are the Odds of winning at Baccarat?

The odds of winning baccarat are heavily influenced by what kind of bets players wager. The house edge varies with each bet placed. Betting successfully on a player win will earn you double your wager. Betting on a banker win pays 95% of your wager.

Baccarat Odds

  • Banker Win = Pays 0.95/1 – 5% commission goes to the banker
  • Player Win = Pays 1/1 – Matches your wager 100%
  • Tie = Pays 8/1 or 9/1

How to Play Baccarat and Win

  1. Learn the baccarat rules
  2. Understand the odds
  3. Use different strategies for the baccarat variants
  4. Manage your bankroll well
  5. Have fun

Why Play Online Baccarat?

Online Baccarat is a game of chance however it requires a certain amount of skill to suss out when one needs to bet on a banker / player win or a tie. The quick pace of the game and it’s high payout make this game a popular casino favourite. High Roller Baccarat is a must play if your bankroll allows it and when the odds are in your favour.

Gaming is a billion-dollar industry but online casino gaming is the only kind of gaming that gives you the opportunity to make money from the comfort of your own home. Play Baccarat Online and other casino games at the best US baccarat casinos and win real money.

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