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Updated on: August 19th, 2021

Punto Banco is our very own American version of the classic baccarat casino game. The punto banco game uses 6 to 8 decks of cards.  Online punto banco follows the  standard baccarat rules. Therefore the object in this game is still to have a natural hand that is a hand to the value of eight or nine.Each player gets a pair of cards after placing their bets. In the event that the hand is a double-digit sum 10 is subtracted and that becomes the accepted value of the hand. Punto Banco only can have a maximum of 12 players at a time. Because this game has the banker actually participating there is the option of putting on a tie between the banker and the player. Tie beats payout the most however they are not as common and players don’t often win on this bet.

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Punto Banco Rules

Players can bet on the baccarat result. You can bet on the banker the player or on a tie between the banker and the player.

Unlike in Standard baccarat you cannot change a bet once it has been placed.

The bets are placed before the cards are dealt.

The players get their cards first and the dealer last.

Unlike in most card games where cards may be exposed in Punto Banco all cards are dealt face up.

The dealer burns the first card and places it face up. The value of that card then determines how many more cards will be burnt; aces are valued at 1 while face cards are 10.

When a cut card is drawn it means that the first coup or round is over .

Punto Banco Baccarat

How to Play Punto Banco

How to play Punto Bnco is prettty simple. It’s a two-step play and thereafter results are seen, winners get paid out and another round begins.

  1. Bets are placed first.
  2. Both player and banker get cards face up.

After the players and banker get their cards they check to see if there anyone has a natural hand. If there’s a player or the bank has a natural hand they win and the round ends.

If there is no natural Winning Hand the game continues with the player or the banker drawing or standing and tell someone has a hand closest to 8 or 9.

The standard Punto Banco drawing rules are the same. The dealer is obligated to draw when his hand is a value of 2 or less.

Punto Banco Strategy

Punto Banco has a low house Edge compared to other casino games. Although there is a 5% commission on all the games for the casino. The standard house edge on the player is 1.24% Perth when you bet on the banker the house ages 1.06% periods whilst fitting monitor has the highest house age of 14.44%. Unless you have a really fat bankroll and you feel really lucky it is not advisable to bed on a tie.

Because Punto Banco is generally a game of luck not skill it is great for beginners and experts alike. But just because it is a game of chance it does not mean that there are no strategies to employ in order to boost your gameplay. The game is largely popular because it merges both elements of card games whilst giving the thrill of a game of chance such as roulette.

Punto Banco Betting Tips

Betting on the banker is not is not betting against yourself. Remember the person who wins is the one with the correct bit. So, don’t take betting on the banker as a form of bad luck or some short.

Try and avoid the tie bet even though the payouts is attractive.  Most new players fall victim to the 821 payout without paying attention to the 14% house Edge.

Unlike a game of Poker there is no such thing as a winning or losing hand. What wins is a bit.

Some expert players swear on winning streaks so they advise that you bit on the hand that you last won on.

If you want to protect your bankroll and when more real money compares the bucket versions with a lower house commission. Most bucket games come with the standard 5% commission however you may find some with a lower casino commission.

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