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Updated on: August 19th, 2021

Baccarat Rules for BeginnersBaccarat rules are the first step to understanding the baccarat card game. To fully grasp how the rules affect the game you must know how the game works. Simply put baccarat online or at a land-based casino is a simple card game where players have to bet on one of three outcomes.

There are variations of this baccarat game and each one has slightly different rules. However, the same principle applies through all baccarat games.  The rules of baccarat are quite simple. Your understanding of the rules influences how well you formulate strategy and consequently, your odds.

We have compiled an easy-to-follow backup rules guide for beginner players and advanced players. Included in this guide is a rules-for-betting guide.  Additionally, we have compiled a list of the top US casinos with real money baccarat games. Once you have the hang of the rules and you learn how to play but you can try out your hand at any of the listed casinos offering baccarat games.

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Baccarat Card Game Rules

As with most casino card games when you play baccarat you place your bets before your cards are handed to you. In essence there is no hand that the player has to strategize. Players simply are betting on the outcome of the cards that are handed out to each player. They are three main bets that players can place.

The variations of baccarat such as EZ and mini baccarat have some unique rules that deviate from the rules below:

There are three basic bets in baccarat play:

  • A tie. That is to say both the player and the dealer has the same value cards.
  • That the dealer’s hand wins
  • That the players hand wins.

Online Baccarat RulesBaccarat Card Drawing Rules

If the players hand is a value of 5 or less they received another card.

In the event that the dealer’s hand is a value of 5 or less he or she is not obligated to hit that is receive another card.

The dealer is only obligated to hit when his value is 2 or less

Mini Baccarat Rules

Mini baccarat is played the same way, except the rules on hitting and standing. There are never any additional cards handed to the player regardless of the hand total. Additional draws for the banker only apply in the following circumstances:

  • When the Player has hand value of 6 or 7 and the Banker’s hand is between the values of 0 to 5 .
  • Where the Banker’s hand is between 0 to 2 and the Player’s hand is not a  natural 8 or 9 or a 6 or 7, the banker has to draw another card

EZ Baccarat Rules

Most baccarat games have a small percentage commission and EZ baccarat is the exception. There is no commission at all. The rules that make this variation unique are the side bet rules and they are:

The dragon bet which is a Banker win, where their hand is a total of seven made up of three cards.
Another unique rule is the “Panda 8” side bet. This is a bet on the player winning with a three card hand with a total of eight.

Baccarat Rules FAQs

What is a natural in baccarat?

A natural in baccarat is a hand of cards that totals 8 or 9

What is a perfect pair in baccarat?

This is the name of a side bet in some baccarat games. It is a bed that the first two cards that I handed out will be a pair this bet loses if those cards are not a pair.

What happens in a tie in Baccarat?

A tie is one of the outcomes you can bet on in Baccarat. When tie happens, players have the chance to “Press” that is double their bet or to change or rearrange the bet.

Can you request more cards in a Baccarat game to improve your hand?

You are only given another card when your cards are the value of 5 or less.

Is the dealer allowed to request another card to improve his hand?

The dealer is only obliged to get an additional card when his hand is the value of two or less.

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