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What are the Odds of Winning in Baccarat?

In most baccarat games, your odds of winning will be 45.8% for a banker win, 9.6% for a tie, and 44.6% for a player win. Of course, these odds are based on classic versions and go up or down depending on the variant you play.

All baccarat games share bets on the player hand, Banker’s hand, or a tie winning, but you also have side wagers available. And when you factor out the tie bet, the Banker wins 51% of the time in most games.

What are the Odds of Winning in Baccarat?

Typical Odds of Winning Baccarat

There are many takes on baccarat games, so we’re going to stick to the basic payouts you can get. We highly recommend checking the payouts at the baccarat table or on the online paytable. These payouts can be applied to Banque Baccarat, Punto Banco, and Chemin de Fer at most online casinos:

If Banker wins1.06%0.95 to 1
If Player wins1.24%1 to 1
If ties (8-to-1 payout)14.4%8 to 1
If ties (9-to-1 payout)4.85%9 to 1


These are the payouts for EZ Baccarat, which features some standard side bets to up the ante:

Wager6 Decks8 DecksPayout
Banker Bet1.02%1.24%1 to 1
Player Bet1.02%1.24%1 to 1
Tie (6)14.44%14.36%8 to 1
Tie (8)4.93%4.84%9 to 1
Dragon 77.61%7.61%40 to 1
Panda 810.21%10.19%25 to 1


And these are the payouts in Mini-Baccarat you can typically expect:

If Banker wins1.17%
If Player wins1.36%
Tie (8-to-1 payout)14.12%


House Edge in Baccarat

As you can see, the house edge isn’t uniform when you play baccarat casino games, regardless of the variant. Since it’s the casino’s take from your bets, there’s no way to get around it, especially online.

Whether you’re a high roller or regular Player, we recommend memorizing the rules as part of your baccarat strategy. As this table game features rules for after the cards are dealt and when the Banker draws (or Player draws), it can help you keep track.

While it’s not the most exciting strategy, it’s vital to your long-term gains and overall gaming experience. Of course, you could also try a betting system to get ahead, but we can’t recommend those if you want to win a lot of money.

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