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Is roulette all luck or is there a secret to roulette? The answer is yes to both statements. Roulette is a game of luck but there are secrets that can help you win almost every spin. Although, the roulette wheel is random, over time due to continued use and wear and tear patterns of how the ball moves around the wheel form. Such irregularities or rather regularities in the way the wheel and ball move once noted can be the recipe for a winning roulette formula.

Roulette Winning Formula

A formula like a recipe consists of several components. To create the best roulette winning formula you need patterns and a system of recording those patterns. Thereafter it is important to have a good betting strategy.

Is roulette all luck


Roulette Patterns- Dominant Diamonds

Dominant diamonds are the phenomenon of the repeated patterns of movement of the roulette ball on the wheel.

On a roulette wheel there are metal deflectors or stops which are often called “diamonds”. These diamonds disrupt or further randomize the movement of the ball on the wheel.

As the wheel spins is bumps against the deflectors, over time because of wear and tear, some the ball may start hitting on some diamonds more than others, and these are the dominant diamonds.

Once you note which the dominant diamonds are you can estimate the trajectory of the ball after it hits the deflector. This way players know which sections of the wheel the ball lands in ore often. Therefore, the odds of getting a correct bet will increase dramatically.

Roulette Patterns – Biased Wheels

Similar to dominant diamonds wear and tear can aid players in spotting roulette patterns. Over time some well pockets become deeper even slightly on the ball is more likely to land in those pockets. Sometimes the wheel may slightly skew in one direction more than the other giving an advantage to certain numbers on the wheel. On the surface that is hard to spot right away, but you can with wheel clocking. Wheel clocking is a system of recording hundreds even thousands of wheel spins result to spot a patten. After recording the winning numbers over a multitude of spins you can use that date to see which roulette numbers hit most.

Roulette Cheating Hacks

There are also underhanded ways to trick and win roulette. Using a roulette computer device which estimates where the ball will land after the wheel spins. The roulette computer device uses the Using velocity of the wheel spin and estimates how it will slow down and what point it will come to a complete halt at. This device only works in real time, that is, you must sync it with the wheel spin. What this also means is you cannot place your bet on time which would mean you have to place an illegal late bet in addition to using a cheating device.

The game of roulette is likely the oldest gambling game however it seems there is still mixed reviews about whether you can truly master this game. What is the secret to roulette if any exists at all? Is there a trick to winning roulette? And can you really win consistently?

The truth is there are ways and strategies to win roulette. And yes, you can win roulette consistently. Many gamblers have come up with tips tricks and hacks to outwit this old gambling game not all of them above board. If you’re curious about what some of these secrets to winning roulette r follow along as we explore this interesting subject.

Is There A Roulette Secret?

It is an open secret really; roulette is a gambling game so it a game of chance. As soon as you stop trying to game the system you will enjoy the game more. Of course, the draw of gambling is also to do with the potential of winning money. The best way to win roulette is to make use of proven roulette strategies that work.

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