What Happens If You Win Too Much at A Casino?

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What happens if you win too much at a casino? If you are asking this you probably haven’t won all that much at casino, and hopefully that will change soon. People wonder if a casino can ban you for winning too much.

Well, casinos do get curious when players win conspicuously large amounts of money consistently over a single game. Because of the way gambling games and house edge is set, it is surprising when a player seems to be winning more than the house. But can the casino ban you though?

Let’s explore the different possibilities of what happens when a player keeps winning too much if there is such a thing and a casino.

What Happens If You Win Too Much at A Casino?

Can A Casino Ban You for Winning Too Much?

The fact is casinos do watch players who are winning a lot. Especially if there are consistently winning large amounts of money on a single game and a single table. Because of the way gambling games are set up it’s not often that you see someone winning consistently and large amounts. So it does get suspicious.

Casinos may suspect some cheating but they will confirm before doing anything about it. That is not to say every casino is going to punish you, as it were, for winning too much. To the contrary, casinos like players who win big because they also tend to bet big. And as you know casinos give high rollers special treatment. So, if you are winning “too much” you are more likely to get the casino’s attention in a good way getting complimentary drinks personal host amongst other perks at a casino.

What to Expect When You Win Too Much at A Casino?

As we have mentioned previously expect attention from the casino. If you are not cheating or doing anything scandalous you should welcome this attention. More importantly some casinos may offer you a tax Form W2-G to file your gambling wins. This ensures that you enjoy your winnings and stay out of trouble with the IRS.

So, in essence there is no such thing as winning too much unless you are cheating.

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