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Can I Check If My Scratchcard Is A Winner Online?

Most scratch card players often wonder if they can check if their scratchcard is a winner online? Checking if your scratch card is a winning one online is a relatively new concept. However, the scratch card game itself is decades-old. Scratch cards have become very popular over the years. Way before online casinos in USA made their debut, many Americans played scratch card games and got payouts at grocery stores and many convenience stores. One would have to play and wait in store to find out if their scratch card had won or not.

Over the years, state lotteries introduced scratch cards as part of their lottery games. As you know many of the U.S. State lotteries have websites which mostly just serve as information about the state lottery itself. Can you check if your scratch card is a winner online at these websites? If you like to find out read on as we expand more on this subject.

How Do I Check My Lottery Scratch cards Online?

How Do I Check My Lottery Scratchers Online?

As we have mentioned already, most state lotteries have a website. And on this website, you will find information about the state lottery. However, some of these state lotteries will also allow players to purchase scratch tickets and play online. But that is only in a handful of states namely:

  • Florida lottery
  • Georgia lottery
  • Illinois lottery
  • Kentucky lottery
  • Maine Lottery
  • Michigan lottery
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio lottery
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas lottery
  • Virginia

In other States the websites do not allow online purchase of lottery or scratch card tickets. However, they will allow you to check if your scratch cards have won online. In such states, you usually cannot even purchase your scratch card tickets online, you can only purchase them at an authorized lottery retailer. Afterwards you can log into the state lottery website to find out whether your scratch cards are winners or not.

Is There an App to Check Scratch Tickets Online?

There are apps to check if your scratch card is a winner or not. These are available on your state lottery website. However, if you prefer to know instantly whether you have one or not without having to scan your ticket on your smartphone you can play online scratch cards at the best online casinos. We review hundreds of gambling sites and have dozens upon dozens of these sites that carry the best scratch card games for real money. You get instant play and instant payouts if your scratch card is a winner. Moreover, you can play these scratch games on your mobile phone whether you download an app or through your browser. So, if you’re looking for an app to check if you have winning scratch card tickets you should probably try playing scratch games at the best online gambling sites.


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