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How does MyBookie payout? MyBookie payouts vary according to the banking method you use. Most players trust other player reviews where casino or sportsbook payouts are concerned.

MyBookie payout reviews on popular platforms such as rigid seem to be all on the good side. In our review of how My Bookie pays out we will look at the different withdrawal options available for players and how fast the sports will pay out. We will also look at what fees if there are any for withdrawals.

How Does Mybookie Payout

How Payouts Work?

MyBookie payout is via three main channels bitcoin, eCheck and bank wire. Each of these withdrawal options has different terms and payouts speeds. We have detailed each of the withdrawal payout limits, speeds and withdrawal fees if any below.

Payout Method Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Payout Speed Fee
Bitcoin $25 $5000 24 – 48 hrs FREE
E-Check $50 $200 7-10 BD $5
E-Check $201 $500 7-10 BD $15
Bank Wire $500 $5000 5-7 BD $35

How Fast Does MyBookie Payout?

MyBookie payout speeds depend on the withdrawal option you choose. With payout methods such as bank wire transfers, they may be delays during holidays as such institutions may operate limited hours or be completely closed. Therefore, your payout speed would be affected.

  • MyBookie bitcoin payout takes 24 Hours and there are no fees charged.
  • MyBookie payout with eCheck can take anything from 7 to 10 business days with charges between $5 to $40 for a withdrawal.
  • A MyBookie bank wire transfer payout may take from 5 to 7 business days with a flat fee of $35.

Withdrawal Terms

While most casinos will hide the fact that they have VIP preferential treatment where withdrawals are concerned MyBookie is different. All payouts are handled on a first-come first-serve basis.

  • You must make sure that your balance does not go below your withdrawal request at any point after you send in the request because that will automatically cancel it.
  • You can only request one withdrawal per week for each withdrawal method.
  • Each withdrawal request must be accompanied by required documents including identification. Make sure all your required documents are up to date to avoid any hassles while withdrawing.
  • The maximum withdrawal per week is $2000.

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