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To make money from casino bonuses, you must understand how a casino bonus works. Additionally, you must also have a good knowledge of the different casino bonuses available to players. The first bonus you will ever get at a casino site is the welcome sign up bonus. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a sign-up bonus since it’s one of the most generous. But you will not make money if you are not aware of how that bonus works and what the playthrough requirements are. What are playthrough requirements and how do they affect how a casino bonus works?

Follow along with us as we break down how you can make money from casino bonuses and explain how playthrough affects your bonuses.

How does Casino Bonus Work

How Does Casino Bonus Work?

Firstly, what you should know right from the start is that all casino bonuses come with conditions, including no deposit bonuses. It may look like a no deposit bonus has no conditions because it does not require you to make a prior deposit. Quite the contrary, if you want to make money from a no deposit bonus you will soon realise that they are always conditions to a bonus.

These conditions include a playthrough requirements, also known as wagering requirements. Secondly, casinos may stipulate what games can be played with the same bonus. If you use your bonus on the incorrect game, then you may not be able to get a payout.

Firstly, a playthrough requirement is the number of times you have to keep wagering before you can withdraw. For instance, one casino may require you to bet 50 more times from your initial bets before you can get a payout coming from that bonus. Note that different games also have different playthrough requirements. If you play slots, you may be subject to higher or lower wagering requirements than if you play, for example, say a blackjack game.

As we mentioned earlier to make money from a casino bonus, you need to be aware of the conditions. And one of those conditions may be what games you can and cannot use the bonus on. When you click on a bonus at a casino, always check the terms and conditions. Usually, casinos will clearly stipulate which games the bonus applies to. Use your bonus only on those stipulated games to get your payout. Luckily at the best online casinos that we review and list here, you are not restricted to just one game. Bonuses are usually applicable to a wide range of different casino games.

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